Outdoor growing strains, Bay City, MI

A question from a fellow grower:

“Im looking to buy seed for an out door grow. I live in Bay City MI. I currently have on hand blue dream, chronic widow, crystal and California dream . would any of those be ok out doors in michigan weather ? What should i order next time for best results ?”

All of the ILGM autoflower strains will grow well in a cooler climate.

If you prefer to grow a photoperiod strain, here are the ones that are more likely to thrive in a cooler climate:
Blue Cheese
Durban Poison
Pure Indica
Purple Kush
Strawberry Kush
White Widow

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I live 70( ish) miles west of Chicago. I have had fairly good luck with Strawberry Kush and White widow. I even had a Banana Diesel one year that did ok. I got bag seeds from a friend and they are doing ok

Always had good luck with
Gorilla Glue
Wedding Cake did well last year
9lb hammer
Purple Headband
Gelato # 33

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You’re close to Lake Huron; not sure how that will impact your growing season. I’m in eastern Massachusetts, growing Humboldt Dream (their version of Blue Dream), Humboldt Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, 00 Seeds Blueberry, and Mataro Blue from Kannabia seeds. Indica and hybrids with shorter finishing times (lots to pick from) should work best.