Recommended strains?

When I do a search of feminized seeds for “sunny outdoor” grows, I tend to get sativa strains, which is kind of what I expected. BUT, when I search auto strains for “sunny outdoor” I get indica strains like GG, GSC and Gold Leaf and not say Amnesia Haze. Why is that? I also read some of the desciptions and they say this strain is great for hot and humid because it is resistant to mold, etc, yet that strain does not show up as recommended in auto form. Can ya help a brother out?

All of the ILGM autoflowering strains will thrive:
Outdoor in a Mediterranean climate
Outdoor in a cooler climate

In other words, they pretty much grow well everywhere. When the climate section says “outdoor cool” that actually means both “outdoor mediterranean” and “outdoor cool.”

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Well, I currently live in an area thats has a climate that my old friends from Boston would describe as “hotter than b**ls” :smile: It may just be a quirk with the search engine because I think that whey look at some individual pages like for NL auto, it says that it will grow in the “sunny outdoor” setting, but when you searcher ALL autos that’ll grow in that setting, it does not show up. What is also curious is that some of the three that the search brings up say that they are for indoor or “cool outdoor” Hence my further confusion. One reason that I was looking at the NL is that it appears to be an easier strain to grow, but just as importantly, I have read that it is one of the less stinky strains when growing. Tha is an issue in my current location.

Most all strains can do well outdoors.
A wet climate can be a problem. Indicas might have an issue if you are in a wet climate. The tight buds can be prone to bud rot on some strains hence the Sativas. I have grown White Widow outdoors in Michigan no problem. I did loose a couple of buds, but still yielded about 6 oz of quality bud.

Thanks. I am inclined to go with one of those little greenhouses just to avoid the crazy rain have down here,

Best for YOU to have control of the grow factors.
Take a look a the WWA write up. WW is well known for ease of growing and enjoyable smoke. Also, the 10+10 sale is going on…


Consider some kind of temporary shelter to use during heavy rains - for example, a mesh tarp suspended on poles. You can also use it to shade your plants if temperatures get too hot.

I am being a tad silly whenI ask how did the cannabis species ever survive the wilds of the tropics? :smile:

This is my second season and I’m in south central fla. and just went thru a week of 96-98 temps they all made it fine now the rains come and you just need to keep an eye on them. They will grow almost anywhere if you watch them