Outdoor grow but lights for seedlings for three weeks

they are inbetween the paper towels now. Can I give them some light before moving pots outside. Just water for three weeks then nutrients? What kind of lights should i use on the seedlings please?


You can use a shop light with cool white bulbs to raise some seedlings for a few weeks as a minimum requirement. You can get full spectrum led ones for around 30-50 bucks


As seedlings, a cool white fluorescent tube fixture or some CFL, or a smaller screw-in type glow bulbs will be sufficient… If you use a real grow light, it needs to be dimmed down and/or moved way up… The seedlings don’t need much light for the first several weeks… Give them 18-24 hours of light right now… When it’s time to move them outside and they are several weeks old, you can up the light power indoors, but also take the plant outside for an hour on the first day, then two hour the next day and so on for at least a week, make sure you keep your indoor lights on enough so they are getting a combined 15+ hours of light a day between inside and outside…

As for nutrients, here is what I do… After sprouting using the paper towel in a ziplock method, as soon as the root is about 1/4" long, I move that seed into a small sprouting peat pot with a seeding starter mix… I fill the peat pot halfway, take a small object (I use the handle of a small paint brush) bigger than the tap root but not as big as the seed, and poke about a 1/2" deep hole into the starter mix, then with tweezers I pick up the seeds and drop their roots in that hole, then cover the seed with about an inch more of seed starter mix… I leave the new seedling in there for about a week, inside a domed grow tray, basically, leave an forget, except for maybe a few small waterings to keep the starter mix damp… After about 7 days and hopefully, with a dryer seed starter mix in the new seedlings, go and set up some 5-6" or so peat pots or small similar sized grow bags filled with some potting mix that has the built-in feed nutrients… I will take an extra left over starter pot and use that to make a perfect-sized cavity in the new pots with potting mix, I then cut away the peat pots from seedlings and hopefully if it’s had a few days to get dryer, and has some decent roots that seed starter mix stays together :rofl: and I’m able to drop it right into the hole I made in the bigger pots, and then cover the entire thing with about 1/2" more potting mix… Now the plants are good to go for about 3-4 more weeks with no additional feeding, until they are moved into their final pots or outdoors… This is how I do it, there are 1001 other ways to do it… Basically for me, no feed at all for the new sprouts until they are moved into bigger pots after a week or so, then I just let the potting mix with ferts built in do the feeding for the next few weeks… Then I will start my normal ferts, for me that is mostly a layer of llama pellets all around the plant’s base so it feeds with every watering, and I will supplement with other ferts as needed when needed, and replenish the llama pellets every 3-4 weeks with some fresh ones… Of course I do this as I have a never ending supply of llama pellets and they are a cold fert that won’t burn, so I take advantage of what is free and simple :rofl:

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Fluorescent lighting works well Growmie as mentioned by the community members… don’t forget to harden them off a few hours a day outside before exposing them to full time outdoor conditions :love_you_gesture: