Our baby, a random seed that we got to sprout

We have found a few seeds in our weed over the past few months, saving them in case we decided to try to sprout them. We put two on a paper towel on a plate, with another part of the paper towel folded over the seed, and a matching plate on top. We got two little sprouts, and transferred them to some old peat pots I found in the garden. That was three days ago, and one of the little guys made an appearance today. We took her(?) from the closed off dark room and put him in the sun in our garden window, where we plan to keep him for the near future.


Good deal! Welcome to the site! Good luck with your girls :slight_smile:

A couple quick thoughts, comments… I hope you don’t mind.

PH is really important. Checking it is a must.
You might want to have a couple CFL’s (6500K) on hand in case they start to stretch. Often, a window isn’t enough.

Anyhow, good luck again! ILGM has a good group of pro’s and users too. If you ever have questions people will jump in to help out.


Absolutely what @Matthew420 said welcome and the guy’s on here will have you in your own high quality herb that you know what it has been treated like . They did for me anyhow. Every time I had a question someone stepped in and helped out and from 3 seeds I ended up with about 5 oz of really nice nuggets for a first grow . Now on this grow I am using what I learned on that grow to improve the size and yield . It is great to get 5 oz for the investment of what two cost the your on your way to free weed .


Here she is. Our plan is pretty much natural, transplant into a larger pot outside when she gets bigger.


Gotta love it! :+1:

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Welcome to the sand box @Bunny-mike
Looking good so far
Not sure where your located but @Matthew420
Made a good point about sun light and widow sills
This time of year for us it’s winter and sun is at its weakest right now and depending onthe type of glass you have sun will be filtered a little more
But with that said looks like you got her started
Ph water and spray bottle for not soil moist not wet
Happy growing :v:CB

We live in Arizona, so sun isn’t at a deficit. We have almost 12/12 sun now, and if I don’t start now, it will be too hot (my estimation, no science behind it) at the end of the grow period. It should hit 100 in April, and that’s only two months away, in June we expect into the 110’s some days, so that’s why we decided to go now.

For ph checks, litmus paper? I’m looking for slightly acidic soil, 6-6.5, but how do I tell (cheap version)?

I have CFLs, just any replacement daylight bulb? That’s what we have the sprouted-but-not-breaking-the-soil seed under to keep the soil warm.

What is stretching? The plant searches for the sun?

How moist is just right? Just spray the little girl?

The pots they are in are old Home Depot planting peat pots, as I call them. There was a failed plant of some sort in there years ago, now desiccated by the desert sun and air. I found some riverbottom silt and mixed it in, and that’s the medium. We dropped her into a ceramic decorative pot to keep her sides from losing too much moisture, and that’s about the entire setup.


Most of use use digital ph meters im shade color blind myself so trying to match shades up I’ll never get it right lol and don’t waste your $ on those 3 in 1 probe style Meters unless you just what it for moisture readings
You can get a decent one on Amazon for around $20 also should think about tds meter and both are essential tools for growing ph is the most common cause of nute deficiency due to ph lock out most of us have had theses issues early on
If you have 12/12 of sun now and the days are going to get longer she is not going to start flowering until sun transitions back to fall light patterns days need to start getting shorter before they go into flower
Just a FYI

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This is my baby, however she was abused and neglected she is now 10 wks and still hasn’t sexed?

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You won’t be able to sex them until it goes into flower first two weeks should be able to tell
10 weeks she looks real small for 10 weeks
What type of lights you using @Baddawg

I started with a florescent in a closet , I was moving to a house and wasn’t able to get back everyday so it is stunted. It’s in the window until I get the grow room finished. I live in Az. And right now the Sun is 12 & 12 the nutrients are 1/2 tsp. veg 1/2 tsp. flower 1/2 tsp. bloom to 1 gal water, first feeding was a wk. ago

Well I’m going to tag in @Majiktoker
Maybe he can help you fellas out with your grows I don’t see how your going to flower when days are getting longer as I stated with @Bunny-mike
But maybe I’m missing something
Stand by guys and maybe he can put some light on this for you lol pun intended
Majiktoker help me out here please am I wrong ?

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Water. How much water, and when? There seems to be a lot of differing advice as to water. We’ve been spraying the plant and soil surface with a little spray bottle, maybe 5ml per watering. Then I see something where there should be a 20% runoff each watering. Are we supposed to be watering to the point where there is runoff? We’ve never put that much water.

Oh, and thank you so much for all the help and advice.

@Baddawg you need to start your own topic so as not to mess this one up. It was started to help out @Bunny-mike

If you need help starting your own topic someone can show you that. Once you start your own thread search the support ticket and paste that into you first post so the folks can see what ya got going on.

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I tried downloading Robert’s book, and it said it was on the way, but I didn’t see it yet. I’m on an iPad. How is it delivered? I’m looking forward to seeing the information.

Pretty sure it’s an email link. Check your spam folder maybe…

Thank you very much

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I did, and there isn’t anything there. Maybe takes a bit to deliver? Anyway, the advice here is great, I’m doing time lapse video today so we can watch it change.

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Maybe go back and try again?

The email subject was “Your Grow Bible as requested”

You know I just went and redid the grow Bible thing and I didn’t get an email either tried it with an alternate email and nothing wonder if the site is having issues?