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First the fruit, then the veggies…where will it ever end!!!


Lovely friendly fruit resource.


Fricking hillarious skit that is!!!


Tater salad a classic


LOL ! good one! Fruit Madness! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hope everyone is having a great start to the week, watering in a quick and dirty one night JLF lol, alfalfa meal, kelp, a little gypsum dust and some IMO, about 20 hrs soak before diluting with some water and yucca powder. Little boost for all the plants and seedlings


Good Morning, @Roadsideorganics.ok

You are just the person that I wanted to tt. I am receiving 10-25 gallon fabric pots today and will be using them as my outdoor veggie and cannabis garden. My plan is to order 2 yards of 40/40/20 for a base. What would you recommend as amendments to what I would consider to be a primarily mineral soil?


Now those are the kinda easter eggs i wish i coulda found :laughing::laughing:. Assuming its 40% compost (and good compost) i woupd say its definitely got a good range of Nutrients available in it already, and depending on how far you wanna take it ( im a fan of less is more when possible), what i would do is, kelp meal, alfalfa, crustacean, soybean meal, some fish meal, if wanting to add any more minerals, im a big fan of Azomite, oysters shell flower and gypsum dust are also super cheap and great additions. I love green sand and k-mag bit they both can be a little pricey and harder to find in stock (i hate paying shipping on 40 lb bags)


It is 40% topsoil, 40% compost, 20% peat. I’m located in a part of Mn that actually has decent soils. My property sits on the banks of the Glacial River Warren (look that one up :smile: ). The “gravel” is the size of cantaloupes, gardening is more like mining; good drainage though. The soil is a gravelly loam. Typical transitional zone between mid-grass and tall-grass prairie.


Fantastic tunnel house :house:
Sounds like a good brew @Roadsideorganics.ok
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Picture update. @Roadsideorganics.ok nutes. Just the basic 2 part. Reused dirt. 20%perlite. 6"carbon filter worth of charcoal. From an old filter. Fish shit every few waters. Calmag foliar once a week. 1 of your beans in there Roadside. A sodies i think it is. 5-7g pots. 20g for the sog in 3x3. 5x5 with the mothers/auto/photo. Es300v2 lights. PERFECT lights for this style. Just chopped an auto that stunted. Thanks for looking my friends. Party on Garths.

The scrog hit a second stretch. Started up,stopped. I ammended again and she went up once more.


Thank you, plants seemed pretty happy with it, quick and simple for the win.

@Storm that scrog plant just cant make up its mind on how big it wants to be :laughing::laughing:, i like the carbon from the filter, never heard that one before. That Sodies will grow some solid rocks!


Ok so I’ve started my 30 gal pots. How often would I need to water? Or instead of expecting a on point answer, how do you or would you water a 30 gal. All input is appreciated and accepted.

I’ve got 3 30 gal and 3 10 gal pots. In the 30 gal I have 1. Purple Lemonade 2. The Black 3. Sour 60 auto, then in the 10 gal I got 1. Himalayan Blue Diesel auto 2. GDP 3. Cotton Candy.

I figured out my sprayer will put out about 2 gal a min. I know the 5-10% rule. So what I have been doing is just going around in circles on outer edge of the pot for about 15-20 sec which is about a liter or so. Obviously 1 liter isn’t within the 5-10%. I’m seeking clarification before I start full watering I just don’t want the soil to get dry on top.

Now just hope none are males :joy:. If there is one that’s not an auto I’m gonna clone it and use the rest for a jlf. I am planning to attempt to make some knf/jadam inputs for use later in the grow( of some won’t be ready until next year or so )


Do you use a mulch? I use a finger to feel down 2" and check moisture in several spots along with tapping or knocking on the outside of my cloth pot. I kept the top moist with a sprayer. The frequency depends on how much they are drinking. A moisture meter can help too. I know they do make some decent moisture meters, though I’ve never used one. The good ones are a little pricey.

Once you get the hang of it, tapping on the sides of the pot can help. Its hard to describe but basically the sound of the thump let me know how moist the soil was down low. A 30 gallon pot is a little harder to assess but you’ll get the hang of it. @Skydiver or @Budbrother may be of some help too


I definitely do use mulch. Maybe not conventional mulch but mulch nonetheless.

Ok cool I’ll try the tap on sides and see how it works out! I don’t plan to buy a moisture meter lol. Definitely will learn eventually just looking for direction so I don’t over do it for the soil. Been trying to find a place near me that sells the variety of cover crops I’m looking for probably have to buy some here some there as everywhere I’ve checked only has parts of what I’m after :man_facepalming:t3::thinking:


I follow the 5% rule when watering provided by BAS here is a link hopefully it helps


I’ve read this before! But I also just re-read it!! Thanks :pray:


All of his material is good reads haha


As I’m filling my pots regardless of size I’m adding moisture as I go so when I’m finished the entire soil profile is at a medium moisture content.
From then on I’m just spraying down the top that has been mulched and usually cover cropped these will really help to reduce the top drying out as fast as it would without any.
Moving forward I continue to wet the tops daily and once the plants get growing bigger is when I water once the pot feels light based on tilting them up/back. Also as jewels mentioned knocking on them will give you an audio of where they are too. I use soil moisture meters from time to time when I’m not sure and even the cheapo ones of those work for me as long as you don’t leave them in the soil and when done wipe them off and before next use use a green scratch pad to the probes removing any oxidation that happens to them. The PH part of those meters are not as reliable but I have a 5 year old one that still is within ± .5 or so when checked using a digital soil meter. They just take longer to settle down for a reading and they will at some point start going way off and can’t be calibrated. The digital one can be calibrated.

Used these today to check soil mix before planting in it.

Depth and moisture levels matter.