Order Not Received USPS Declared lost during Delivery

I ordered a sweet mix and 5 gold leaf for $213 everything was going fine untill the delivery date jumped up two days the package delivered to post office said it was out headed to me never got delivered an hour later got updated to available for pickup called post office to figure out what happen and they said package isn’t there and that it’s Declared lost in delivery @ILGM.Stacy @ILGM.Roy @ILGM.Support @ILGM.Len

Was this today? I have gotten alerts that packages were delivered, but don’t show up until a couple days later. I’ve also gotten alerts that packages experienced delays and they are there when I get home.

In short, usps tracking has been ridiculous for about the last 6-7 months. Regardless of what anyone tells you or tracking says, I would give it a few days and see if it shows up. There is pretty good chance it will. If not, im sure Stacy will be by and can look into your order.


It was yesterday at 8am that I got the first notification saying it was at the post office then one saying it was out for delivery which the post office woman said she handed the driver then two hours later after the post office driver dropped off mail and no seeds I see a notif saying it’s ready for pickup so I called the post office and they said the package isn’t there that it was handed to the driver yesterday morning the driver claims he never got handed it even tho he did so they declared it a lost package and told me to contact the company if available for reshipment or file a USPS repay request which could take two months to resolve @dbrn32

Ilgm didn’t do anything wrong they shipped the order but it was lost in mail that’s covered by there policy right ??!

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But post office claims it’s not there that they handed it off to driver

I’m not the person to ask about stuff like that. Just wanted to share my recent experiences with usps. Your best bet is to email customer service through the seed shop. Or i believe there is a link in your order confirmation email. Since you tagged Stacy above, she will likely be by too.

I’m not really involved in seed shop activities, so would be out of line for me to comment on their current policies. But I’ve been around here for quite a while, and it seems this type of issue typically gets worked out. I’m not 100% convinced your package still won’t show up either. But sit tight and I’m sure someone with more information will be in touch.


Spinds like ur post office does like mine. Sees certain pkgs and say oh ill take this one today. Seems like it happens to me with every pkg that goes thru usps. If i order amazon i make sire it is something that is not coming usps because ill never see it. They need to have ways of recording every pkg that comes thru the door. If pkg comes up mossing whoever scans it should be responsible if it comes up missing. Every pkg but 1 that went thru usps i never received always an issue going thru them. Amazon and other places no issues just usps. Its the workers taking shit thats all there is to it. Thieving azz ppl


Yeah that’s what I’m assuming happend Kuz it’s happened to multiple items at this post office 8 items in the last two months same delivery guy loll straight scummy is what it is had 8 different people who live around here say that lolll

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Write to the postmaster general and complain. They will investigate, it usually shakes up the local usps. Or mail yourself a GPS tracker and see where it ends up.


I already emailed them called them and made a complaint the guys being investigated already also ilgm is shipping me more so everything’s worked out now just to wait and see what happens with usps lolll

Also just talked to someone who knows the postman’s brother and the postman’s a heavy drunk and stoner lolll so he prolly read the address or some shit and was like I’ll take that

If you have any issues with orders, please contact us at support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com as the grow forum is for grow issues, thanks

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