USPS decided to Return to Sender while out for delivery

I hope someone from ILGM will get back to me soon…(to my support email)

Tracking showed hte package went all the way to my local post office, was out for delivery, and then was return to sender (and no, it didn’t get delivered).

I wonder what happened?

Be patient: the worst thing you can do is spam them with multiple support emails. The office is in Amsterdam so you will not hear anything back until Monday.

Yea, I’ve been on the receiving end of that sort of thing. I sent them one note, and made a post here to kvetch about the delay.

But, @Myfriendis410, do you feel like guessing how long it’ll take for the re-ship to arrive?

Be sure to communicate any documents USPS sent you (i.e. screenshot) and forward to ILGM Customer Support. That may speed things up.

What did you order?

I send a screenshot from the tracking information, but I didn’t get anything from the post office in the mailbox today.

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Give it a few more days. I’ve had something like this happen and the package was magically delivered 2 or 3 days later.


Me too! Has been a while, but usps has been ridiculous. I have had tracking updates come through on stuff that was delivered week earlier. Stuff say it was delivered and not show up for couple days later.


Ditto, well, except Amazon orders that get prioritized and magically deliver consistently on time.

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I’m worried that my mail carrier has an issue with ILGM deliveries – it was literally marked out for delivery before it was return to sender.

I have another shipment on the way, hopefully number 2 will work better

Dang! Re-ship got return to sender also. wtf?

(Yes, i sent an email to ILGM).

The address ILGM has for you is correct? No sane mailperson would risk their job and commit a felony at the same time. Which is what them purposely doing it would be.


Final Outcome - Second shipment arrived before the second re-ship was needed.

The package had no indication of its contents, the sender or the transaction involved. The label was a computer-printed label that was 100% correct.

I have no idea why both packages - the first, which did not arrive, and the second which did - have entries in the tracking history which includes “Undeliverable as Addressed - Return to Sender.” As far as I know, this has not happened before in the ~10 years I’ve lived at this address.

ILGM was perfectly nice about it, and the only thing I’d improve if I could was to decrease the amount of time it takes for ILGM to actually ship something (it takes a few days between “order placed” and “order shipped”).

I know it’s frustrating sometimes ordering stuff online. I’ve had experiences with shipping issues from FedEx, USPS and Ups with shipping’s from Amazon, eBay Walmart etc. have had them dropped off at neighbors house a block away and neighbor was nice enough to finish delivery.
I have ordered twice from ILGM and both packages delivered on time.
My opinion ILGM is the best to buy from they replace seeds that didn’t germinate and replace seeds that delivery companies fail to deliver or lose. And they have the best Forum with great people that help anyone that asks for it.

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In the ~10y I’ve lived at this address, I’ve had exactly one package be undeliverable. I’ve just checked, I had nearly 300 Amazon orders in the past two years (yea, I know), and exactly zero of them have had issues.

I don’t blame online, and I don’t blame ILGM, but it’s definitely not an ‘online’ thing.