Some perspective on Order Timeline

Just to provide some perspective on how long my order was to process -

4/9/2021: Friday
Order placed on line 11:34am
Sent payment, using an existing account address
e-mail from ILGM for payment was sent to junk box 2:16pm had a different address
Sent e-mail to customer service explaining the address mix up.
ILGM customer service responded saying payment is in good order 6:33pm

4/13/2021: Tuesday (3 days later)
e-mail from ILGM says my seeds are on their way !

This is only my 2nd order with them and each time has been very easy. Admittedly, the first time I was very nervous because of the waiting…however, everything worked out great.

I wouldn’t expect all orders to be like mine, some may go quicker, others longer. My order even had a slight hiccup and was still resolved on the same day.



Welcome to the forum @Russell_Leaves
Good post and I hope lots of new customers see it.
Everyone’s first order is unnerving. We worry about the legitimacy of the company, whether or not they will actually make it to our mailbox, if the authorities will show up too …Lol, its funny what happens in our head. The next order all that disappears. My first order got stuck in Kansas Citys’ main hub and sat there two weeks. I was freaking out thinking they had been intercepted. But it turns out sometimes small packages like these get stuck in mail bags until the bag is reused. They finally showed up. The next orders all got here quickly. Hope your growing goes well.


Welcome to the community! If you started a journal when you drop your seeds, we would love to follow along. Happy growing! :seedling:


I was supposed to recieve my order today according to the usps tracking and I didn’t receive my order

So now what do I do

I guess the easiest, but difficult, thing to do is wait.

USPS is a guess at best, unless they specifically state “delivered” just keep waiting, also
did you get any e-mail from ILGM that said “You’re order xxxxx has been delivered” ?

I was given a date range 4 to 5 days. To be honest I never checked the tracking number and got surprised when they showed up.

Anything but blame ILGM.

Don’t think I blamed anyone that I recall

Thanks you…good to hear other people’s storys

Your post.

Thank you for reposting…your help is overwhelming

Did USPS tracking say “Out for Delivery” in the tracking details?
The estimated delivery date is just that…Estimated…
If you track it from you can see the details of its journey. During covid many packages are being delayed. As @Myfriendis410 stated its not ILGMs fault in any way. This is just a shipping issue. They will show up.

Thank you for your responce, I figured it was a shipping issue, that’s why I didn’t blame ilgm for the issue…Thanks again

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