Opinions needed, she seems to be in a hurry


This is my second grow and the first was so easy! I didn’t do much but water and give a little bud booster. This second grow I bought a 4x4 tent along with a vent and carbon filter, the smell from the first time was hard to keep under wraps.
Anyhow, this grow is different. I am attaching pictures of two plants, both are Tropicana Cookies from ILGM. The first plant looks like its almost ready to harvest and it is only 5 weeks from the flip to 12/12. I can’t see any cloudy trichs, mostly clear, but the hairs are brown and curling up. The leaves are starting to yellow as well, almost signaling the end…I am a simple grower, while I bought the lights, tent etc, I don’t look at runoffs, and things like that, just check for with a meter to see if they need watered. Here are the pictures, the last picture is her sister, who seems to be taking her time :slight_smile:



She has a ways to go. Leaves will be cannibalized. You are in line. Looks good.


Both plants look good honestly. It’s pretty normal for the pistils (hairs) to begin ambering up around week 5. Especially if the light intensity is high or if there’s a little too much wind from circulation fans in the tent.

Both plants will have differences as they’re not clones from 1 mom. Simply put, it’s just different phenotype expressions like 2 siblings.

I rarely check my runoff numbers but if you’re thinking that something could be off, then your best bet would be to water/ feed till runoff and collect a fresh sample of it to test. Let the first drops run into your pot saucers and try to collect a sample after the drainage runs for a minute or 2.


Thanks! I was worried because of the leaves…

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Awesome, I figured they would be different, but when the pistils started curling I was worried. I will keep on keeping on!


Steller job way to go

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I have not metered my current grow at all this time around either and am doing just fine not doing so. A lot of stress came come from all the thoughts on how to grow these plants. I am really enjoying this grow so much more now.

You are doing a great job and she will reward you for it.


@GrammaP Your living proof that the KISS method works and works WELL!! Looking good!!

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7 weeks since the light flip so assuming roughly 5 weeks since flowering? The last pic looks in line with that, the others look a little further along?? Personally I would always check your run off numbers just to know what your medium PPMs and PH are in the event you start noticing issues and to increase feeding through the growth stages. :love_you_gesture:

OgIncognito, It’s only been 5 weeks since I flipped to 12/12. Even though they sprouted the same day, for whatever reason, the one I was concerned with really took off and had buds almost since I flipped to 12/12. Its why I was questioning her pistils turning and curling already…

I’m hoping the buds will grow even bigger! I will keep looking for cloudy trich’s starting to turn amber.


I’m growing Tropicana Cookies now as well, my plant is also about five weeks into flour and it’s fading yellow just like that as well. It started to fade a little bit around week three into flower which I thought was too early, but looking at yours it may just be a trait of that strain how did it turn out?