Opinion!what you think?

These 3 plants were germinated,planted and transferred all at the same time.one of them is growing extremely tall,same water and lighting conditions.it is my believe that the taller one will be a male…what is your opinion??should I remove?or it might be an indica strong type of plant I found the seeds in a bag of weed that I got from a friend I don’t know anything about what kind of weed it is…but the other two are completely different from the :point_up: one

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I wouldn’t throw it out just yet. Have you rotated your plants? Only reason I ask is because it’s in the corner and looks spread out nodes on it like it needs more light. Which would explain the stretching. And I think you meant Sativa which is possible. If it’s a Male it should show sex before the others. And I’m sure others with experience will be along shortly to add advice.


While males do tend to grow faster than females, that’s no reason to toss a plant that hasn’t shown signs of sex.
It could be more sativa dominant than the others (sativa has narrower leaves and grows stretchy vs indicas fat leaves and bushy growth). It also looks more light starved than the others.

Don’t touch it yet. Wait till you flip to 12/12 and look for signs it’s male.

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Yes I have rotate them,thank you for the correction,these 3 have always been under the same light…this one has always been taller than than the other 2 from seedling :seedling:.

I just don’t know why it grew so much taller…you would figure the other one In The corner would get tall too but it’s not look how much taller it is compare to the other 2 the shortest one it’s in the opposite corner :thinking::thinking::thinking: I don’t want to get rid of it but it’s very suspect.

I’d just keep a close eye on it until it shows one way or the other.