Opinion wanted on previous nutrient issues

This is my first grow, I am using Happy Frog soil in 5 gallon cloth grow bags and Vivosun base A and B nutrients in the 5 gallon bucket I adjust to about 6.2 ph. At first I was having a lot of yellowing leaves, I believe I started off watering too much and did not introduce nutrients early enough. Since I have transplanted them to the larger cloth pots(except one I will give away that is in a plastic pot) since this is my first grow I may be okay with five plants because the years may not be the greatest, next time I will stick with only four, I wasn’t sure they would all make it so planted 2 extras. My niece works professionally for a cannabis cultivator but doesn’t know everything, she is going to come help me top them soon and we will start to train them to the trellis netting. Any opinions, advice? They are in a 3x3 tent with 400watts LED lights on 18/6 light cycle, the whole system is controlled by a “smart hub” so my tent is mostly automated and set on a schedule through an app, I have been keeping the VPD between about . 8 and 1.1, or as close there as possible with the “smart” humidifier and a couple fans I can turn on and off remotely, that are plugged into “smart” plugs, in the event I need to lower the humidity to adjust the environment remotely. How do you guys think these plants are looking? I know I will do some more pruning and get rid of some more of the yellow leaves… One of the pictures has a lot more yellowing, you can see they are in the previous smaller pots , they’ve improved a lot since then the old picture for reference… Also they are all feminized photos, no autoflower… thanks all for any helpful advice! Do they look like they will do well now? Also


Lokks good when are you going to flip.


You don’t have a big enough tent for 5 plant’s or enough light to flower 5 plants your roughly need 150 watts to 200 watts per plant you could get away with 3 plants


Check your runoff numbers. They may be hungry. Also, you’re gonna have an absolutely full tent, so I suggest flipping your lights very soon.

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Id feed and set up a net and flip… im flipping this weekend or else ill be playing jumanji!


If these are photoperiod I would just defoleat the hell out of them. Bend over and tie down a little past 90 degrees like maybe 110 120. All the side branches will grow up to be the same as the cola.
If you keep them all you will have wall to wall buds no need for net they won’t have enough room to fall over. The net will make it hard to move them to water. The net is designed to hepl you fill a tent up you don’t have to worry about that it’s just going to happen and nothing you can do to stop it except get rid of some plants.
I’ve done this many times.
You could use a little more light
44 watts per square foot will still get you to harvest with some nice quality at the end. Especially if at day 21 or so of true flower you take off all of the scraggly little branches on the lower half of the plant so they don’t steel the energy the top buds need to florish.


@Nu2Budz. Welcome to the happy zone.

Your girls are looking very good. Im a 2x3 guy, one year in, was told 2 plants max, 3 it was. total 12 zips, advice was correct, even with great training , its tight.

Its all experience that comes in handy somewhere.

Good luck and welcome to the canna family here.

Do what DrsDank recommends. I wished i would’ve back then. I am just finishing up my 1st grow and i can see now where i could’ve improved my yield by doing what he just mentioned to you. You will be greatly rewarded if you follow his suggestions…

This is after a family member who works for a cannabis cultivator came over and helped me cut them back and “top” them. We may top again in 2 weeks. I gave away one of the plants, we are now down to 5. Being the first grow and the size of the tent we realize the yield may not be great, or we may end up with wall to wall buds, who knows. The next grow we will stick to 4 plants only. I have 400 watts of LED light. Figured 100 watts a plant should about do it…