Could someone tell me whats up with my plant please

My plants leaves are turning yellow, i know that its normal for the bottom ones to but it seems to be creeping up the plant, i have 2 plants and both of them have the same thing, is this normal or ? First ever grow im new to theese problems thankss


Mobile nutrient deficiencies are common this late in the grow. She’s putting everything into those buds for you! :smiley:



Thank you so do i just carry on feeding the way i would mate ?

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Yeah, it kind of looks like it’s at a place where you’d expect it to start eating itself.


Thank you now i can rest my mind lol


how long have you been in flower? To me, it looks like you may be at a place where balancing her out a bit might give you a better final product. Would you mind filling out a support ticket? Copy and paste so we all can make sure leaving it as is is the best decision. There are way more knowledgeable folks here than me, so do the ticket and let us see where things stand.


Ok will fill one out and just over 2 weeks. Thanks

You have quite a bit of flower time left, so making an adjustment is wise…the ticket is the place to start.

Strain; Autoflower 2Fast2vast
Soil In Pots, canna terra pro
Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir?na
What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Na
Light System, 250w HPS
Temps; Day 18-21c Night 26-29c
Humidity; 35-40
Ventilation System; Yes
Ac, Humidifier
Co2; No
I allways have put my ph in water to 6.2 here is a pic of my grow, i put them under 12/12 because i was scared in case they went huge

Thats them right now im so happy for first grow lol


@Countryboyjvd1971, @BIGE, @bob31, and anyone else. The plants are two weeks in flower and showing deficiency, but looking nice otherwise. There is a support ticket and pictures. Can you guys help deduce the problem. Thanks

I tagged in a couple smart folks to take a peek. Dont worry, you are doing good… we will figure out the best help.


We will have more eyes on the problem soon. You say you have not fed her extra nutes. She needs extra phosphorous for sure. Maybe a little cal-mag too, but let us see what other folks say. Phosphorous is VERY important for bud development. It is my belief that Phosphorous should be introduced to an Auto plant at week 4 at least.

Oh sorry i have added nutes ive Allways added cal mag on every feed water, my last water i added some bud candy and big bud but the leaves were allready like that before the big bud and bud candy got added

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If you are in soil (I am unfamiliar with that brand you have), you might bump your PH up just a tad to 6.5. At 6.2 you are or are about to lock out some nutrients, which could cause the leaves to yellow like that… But I far from any kind of expert, so please wait for more opinions…


OK. This makes more sense to me. The Big bud, should have some good Phos. in it. You will not likely see recovery in the leafs that were already affected. Keep a good eye out for advancement of yellowing and such. Also, next time you water your plants, take a PH reading of the runoff water that comes out the bottom. Next autos you grow, if you think to add a little phosphorous around week 4, so they do not show defficient in the first place, it might be a good idea. I bought Bat Guano just for that purpose as I grow auto’s and I see this every time.


Ok thank you allot ! I will check ph on next water And will get myself some of that :slight_smile: thankss

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Thank you !!

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A couple of issues?

How old are those plants? What date did they sprout?

What size are those pots?

From the canna-terra website

" white peat, coir, composted bark, dolomitic lime, organic NPK fertiliser, mineral NPK fertiliser."

So it contains fertilizers. Have you given nutrients?

Do you have a TDS meter?

There are also a lot of non-soil products in the “Soil Mix” so it is hard to say what the pH of the water should be unless you go in with a known pH and then check the runoff.

I know I asked a lot of questions, but growing Great Cannabis requires a little science!

Make sure you tag when you reply.

Thanks for the tag @Tr33


Big bud is bloom food,which is correct at this stage. However, bloom food decreases nitrogen as well as increasing phos. Nitrogen is what the fan leaves like to eat so depriving them causes starvation and the fan leaves die. It’s normal and starts at the oldest leaves (bottom ones) and works thru the plant until all the fans go yellow almost at once. That is the first indicator of bud maturity.

Keep with the bloom food and just yank the fans as they go yellow. The plants look healthy to me.



You have been in good hands.
I have used thoughs nutrients before. Your plants are going in there finish and The yellowing is part of The deal so keep an eye on them. No worries my friend. You can have more diamonds bi adding tsp of Sugar with each watering and see what happens. You’ll love it.