Only 1 out of 7 looks like this

this is one of the plants that I had to leave in someone basement until I moved. it looks bad but none of the others look like it and this one has the most flowers on it. I used 4 different soils to experiment with so I have no idea what it is growing in they all got mixed up. I used fox farms and pro mix. I am using fox farms trio nutes and calmag they sprouted aug 25 and I flipped them to 12 12 1 week ago. I have used the nutes 2 times in 30 days

Did they have a cat?


It does look like something eat it.

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I dont think so

It looks like something was chewing on it. Grasshopper, worm, caterpillar, something.


if it were bugs wouldn’t they have gotten all of them?

I would say it depends. Maybe just one random bug? Maybe check under the leaves to see if anything is hiding. Perhaps this was the weakest plant? Just guessing here.

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it does! I used advice from on here pulled off some leaves with a plastic baggy and I cant find anything!

I will pull it out of the room and go over it again I cant seem to find anything

That happen to be closest to a fan? Had something that looked like that after a couple windy days. It was just the leaves rubbing against each other


it is! now I have to see if that is the case before I rip that plant apart. THANKS

Makes sense… that damage looks mechanical not organic


thank you to all that helped me with this problem, my manners disappeared with my brains this week. I am sorry I didn’t thank you sooner pat