What's your opinion about this problem?

Hi Guys,

I have attached pictures. looks like pest but I can’t find anything below leaves. Can it be something else?

Overall garden looks happy.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Looks like a leaf muncher of some sort

Looks like something was munching on leaves.

A light spray down with neem oil every few weeks before flower will deter most pests.

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Do you have a cat ? Mine love to eat leafs

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@CAgrower well, let’s reverse engineer this…

1.) Is this an outdoor grow? If so, what exposure to “outside” do your plants have? Are they partially screen covered or in a greenhouse?

2.) Do you have any pets?

It’s indoor. No cats. Probably is a caterpillar. Will use the captain Jack. Thanks for all the help. If it doesn’t work I let you know and ask for more help.

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Do you top or fem your plant’s?
That’s what mine look like after the leaves get older after I top and fem them…
I don’t use scissors , I just grab and pluck with my fingers , so the leaves tend to look all jacked up when they get older…

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I have topped them.


If its just a single fan leaf or two i just wrap a sandwich bag over it and pluck it off. Bag to keep critters from dropping off it If there are any.

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That’s what it was from…
Only thing that I know of bug wise that will eat plants like that are cutter bees…

Thanks for all the help.

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Good idea with the sandwich bag.