Identifying what ate the leaves

New to growing for

myself and ready to put plants outside. They were outside for an afternoon and today I noticed something ate leaves. What bug is this? What do I do?

Any more damage? Look like torn leaf :leaves:

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Your fan or hands it looks like

Welcome to the forum. Looks like normal friction, rather than bug, damage to me.

Probably just handling damage, I do it everything. If not sure dust it with some d e
Welcome and thanks for sharing.

My cat bit a leaf of mine a few days ago and it came out looking exactly like yours… Maybe a stray cat around you… :man_shrugging:

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Caterpillars or some kinda worms maybe?

Id say u mishandled like everyone else. But the leaf beside it has a big bite hole in it too. To eat that much leaf overnight? And not leave leaf miner like trails of snackin… id guess something big and hungry.

Look under the leaves. Slowly. And as completely as u can.

They tend to be the easiest caught in the early am. Just before sunup.

I live in the Northeast and I have been putting them outside and bringing in a night to garden. Today winds made them lean. I just can’t get a handle on it. I need this for my anxiety and other ailments. They are 21 inches tall in one gallon pots. Going to put in the ground this weekend. Pretty sure frost gone by. They are tilting now because if the wind. I hope they straightened by tomorrow.

Start you IPM now. There are a few write ups around here. Just use the search bar for insect preventative maintenance. Good info all around

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