Somethings eating my plant

I’ll start from the top. These were started from seed in fertilome soil. I use Fox Farm trio , but have only fed them twice as the soil was a tad “hot” for seedlings , and when I fed them it was at 1/2 strength as it was their first feedings. Fast forward a week later, we had a hail storm so whatever damage you might see on the lower part of the plant is caused from that. Now, when the hail hit , it also topped my plant. Lol. Now those 2 toos were growing great , except now , one top is getting eaten up. Or something , and only on the one branch. I thought it was a nute deficiency, so I milled in some worm castings since I knew they wont burn the plant . But that top only got worse. I cant find any bug on it , but I’m positive now it’s not a nute problem as the other top would experience the same I would assume. It’s just the one top on the one branch , but a new top trying to form out of this “contaminated” (for lack of a better word) top just lower is coming in looking bleached as well. Has anyone ever seen this? Lol.

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Have you checked the plant at dusk or after dark?

When you look, are you checking the underside of the leaves all over the plant, not just damaged areas?

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Yes, I am. You can even see a leaf in the picture , a green one with trails on it , from a previous bug I found , but since then the top has gotten worse. Cant find the culprit. Over , under, upside down, I even look with my tongue flopped to one side of my mouth. No luck!

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This plant is a mere 10weeks old, it started growing very very fast , starting stinking up a storm so I kept it around. Now the growing as kinda slowed because of whatever hurting the plant. I may end up just topping it down to its healthier parts , and get some insecticide powders or something. But as I’m growing medicine, hahahahahaha, I cant exactly do that.

Spray with Capt Jacks Deadbug, should kill whatever it is.

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I’m not sure if you answered my question about checking at night. Regardless, I think it’s probably a few types of pests. I suspect leaf miners and caterpillars.

Foliar NEEM and BT are organic chemical remedies. You can remove all the damage and cover the plants with a moth cloth. As far as if NEEM and BT are safe for a plant you’re going to ingest, that’s something you’ll need to determine on your own.

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Yes , it’s dark now and just got done looking. The only place I cant look is inside the tightly packed “new” growth unless I just top it and dismantle the tiny top for a further visual inspection. In any case , no ones said it looks like a nute problem , so I think I’m right to assume it’s a bug. I’ve just never ran across this problem. Whatever it is it’s not exactly eating the plant material , it mainly looks like its sucking the nutrients right out of the top its self.

Thanks for the info on the neem/moth cover , and thanks to the other guy recommending capt. Jack’s. I’ve looked that up says its organic. I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks guys. I’ll report back in a week or so with an update.

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@Hellraiser leaf miners would be more close together wouldn’t they? That was my first thought, as those light green “tracks” jumped out at me.

@Meatskeet Get the stuff @Hellraiser said, he wouldn’t lead you wrong.

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