Any ideas what is going on?

Anybody know what is going on?

1 gallon coco/perlite
1/2 strength gh flora trio
55 true watt CFL
About 2 weeks old.

Haven’t really been paying much attention to it since I just harvested so can’t tell you much more but looks like something has been eating it

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if no signs of pests, I would say just a mutated plant.

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What’s your humidity at? She looks dried up

Well that I don’t know. But I do know that when I got home today my cmh was on without th exhaust and it was roasting in the tent. But I know that didn’t cause the missing leaf pieces

Missing piece , you mean like here?

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Yeah, that’s not the claw going on there. That entire side of leaf is missing



She looks to me like a very healthy plant. But keep an eye on her just to see if you see and thing and look under the leaf as well ok


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Is it an auto??