One Plant Lighter Green Than Others

Yes, from the 1st feeding to the last. Feed as necessary to maintain runoff PPM at ~1,000.

Some will add more P and K during flowering. A common mistake is to back off of nitrogen when flowering starts. The first 4 weeks of flowering is the most rapid growth a plant will experience. It is called “the stretch” and it is nitrogen that powers that rapid growth.

Thanks a million MG. One last question for ya, should I feed right after this flush down to 350 ppm or wait until the next watering?

You can, but wet soil will not absorb nutrients very well. Definitely a full feed on the next watering to get the runoff PPM back up to ~1,000. It may take a couple of feedings to get it back to 1,000.

Let us know the pH result after the flush. I’m hoping it corrects it.

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Flush done, PPM 338, PH 6.3.

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Very nice plants congratulations on your grow.

Great thread!

I’m happy that we got the dude squared away. Managing pH can be frustrating and it looks like the OP in on the right track.

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I have one that light green an others are dark but shes healthy ,its not unusual.

Much appreciation to MW for the guidance. I’ll update in the coming days as to the results. so that people searching this topic can gain something useful from it.

After I finished flushing the light green one I figured I’d check the other two as well and runoff from both was 5.7 and PPM 1,800 and 1,500 respectively. So, even though they’re looking good I went ahead and flushed and tested, a gallon at time, with tap water that was about 7.7. One took 3.5 gallons of water and the other took about 5 to get PH up to 6.4-6.5. PPM ended at about 1,200 on each so they came in line quite a bit faster than the light one that took more like 8 gallons of flush to get it there.


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5 days later update, time for another watering. Plant is still much yellower than the others but the yellowing hasn’t gotten worse and it’s continuing to flower. I don’t know if plants have the ability to turn the existing leaves back to darker green when conditions get better or if the changes will only be evident in new growth. Anyway, I watered to runoff with a full feeding of Jacks 3-2-1 which was 6.5 pH and +/- 1,000 ppm. Runoff pH was 6.1 and +/- 850 ppm. Runoff numbers of the two darker green plants was about the same pH with PPM a bit higher, around 1,200.

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Follow up, yellow plant is back to a healthy color and looks great. Runoff pH is 6.4, PPM 1,300. It’s the nicest plant of the three structurally and looks like it’s going to make a lot of buds.

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