Help high ph of run off

Been trying to fix some issues ive been having. So ive never really worried about ph and ppm but i now see that its very important. Im getting my ppms down slowly but the ph of my run off is in the range of 8.1 to 8.4 . When i feed and water my ph is at 6.2 . At tap my ph is 7.9 and ppm is 140. My r.o water is at 100 ppm and 8.0 ph . Im using jungle grow organic soil my question is how does one get ph lower ,obviously this is to high as i notice my plants to grow vigorously . Can anyone help.

What are you growing?
How old are they?
Pictures please?
What type of soil are you using?
What type of nutrients are you using?
Are you indoor or outdoor?
What is the temperature and relative humidity that you’re maintaining?
what size pants are they in?
What type of meter are you using to measure PH and PPM?
What was your last feeds runoff numbers both pH and ppms?

Currently im growin 2 skittles xgg4 2 maui wowie and 3 super skunks. Jungle grow organic soil, temps 79 humidity range 60 for my veg and 50 for flower tent . Bkue planet farmers pride nutrients with bud candy for flower and voodoo juice. My last readings were for the super skunks 650 to 799 , ph was 8.2 ( run off) s skittles xgg4 774 to 724 ppm and ph of 8.0 and mw was at a 600 and 900 ppm and ph 8.4. At time of watering water was ph’d down to 6.2.

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These are the super skunk, the are starting to come back going into 3rd week of veg

@Lostgirl these are current photos

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These are photo. Or autoflower?

@Lostgirl these are the skittles x gg4 and mw

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They are all photos

You are using tap water to feed your plants correct?

Yes i am i let it sit 24 hrs in the sun before use

I use ph down the adjust ph , but i read that stuff like that can cause the calcium in water to become usable to plant because calified. I read that white vinegar or lemon juice can be used to lower ph in water and is better for the plant and better source of vitamin c.

Do you have cal/mag?

Yes i use it . Is a ph of 8.3 at run off high ?

I just did a slurry test however i dont think it was right, still showed ph of 8.2 but ppm was 260. That cant be right . Even a test on the mw thats at 10 weeks of flower been flushing it for a week now showed a ppm of 240 when i flushed on Thursday run off was at a ppm of 860

First off with a 8.0 pH runoff your plants are totally locked down from nutrient uptake. This means it’s not getting anything to eat. This is the reason they’re droopy and leaves are turning yellow and light green.

I’m not familiar with your soil or your nutrients nonetheless, something has happened in your soil to create this ridiculous high pH.

Lime added to your soil will help lower your soil pH however this can take weeks and your plants could die with no nutrient uptake in my opinion while you wait to see if lime works…

If it were me. Knowing something is not right in the soil I would flush the soil religiously with 6.5 pH’ed water until the runoff started to register a 6.5 pH

I know this sounds like a lot of work and it is yet that soil needs reset. Take one of your plants and test this method I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the results (it will work)

It looks like you’re in 5 gallon bags. You say your average PPM runoff is 600-900ppm and pH is 8.0 you’re going to run that off.

I would make 1-1/2 gallons of fresh base nutrients (no additives like big buds or voodoo Juice etc) Just Blue planet Bass nutrients.

Do this,

Let’s say your water’s PPM straight from the tap is 100 PPM fill a bucket with a gallon and a half of the water.

Tap water= 100 PPM
Now mix your base nutrients until your bucket of water reaches 750ppm
Set this 1-1/2 gallon to the side…

Get a 5 gallon bucket. Pour your water from the tap into the bucket (gas off for 24 hours if you have to) once your gassed off pH that water to 6.5

Tap water = 100ppm
Slowly add Cal/mag until your PPM reads 300 PPM (you just added 200 PPM of Cal mag)

Use ph up or down to pH that water that you just mixed with cal mag to pH 6.5

Choose one of your plants. Start pouring that water and cal mag until you have used 2 gallons. Empty your catch pan. Start pouring the third gallon into your plant and catch that water (runoff)

Measure it if your pH is now reading 6.5 then stop flushing. If it hasn’t reached 6.5 continue using the remainder of the five gallon bucket until you run off 6.5 pH

Once you have reached the 6.5 pH runoff you’re going to grab that 1-1/2 gallon of Base only nutrient feed you made and pH it to 6.5 using ph up or down whatever applies. For the entire 1-1/2 gallon of feed through the plant and measure the runoff. Come back and post that run off number


If it’s not too much trouble can you take a picture of your pH and PPM measuring device so I can see what it looks like

Should i wait till next water cycle i just water them friday with about 3/4 gallons of water.

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Got both from a hydroponics store .

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Let me ask you this.

You do not water to run off every time you water do you?

Do you feed every time you water?

Yes you can wait if you wish until your next water to do that flush test.

My son works in water treatment. He uses the same PPM pen. Thank you for posting that I just wanted to make sure you had a decent pen set and you do

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As far as your pH pen goes I’ve never seen anything like that. Have you calibrated it?

Does it test the water for pH or do you stick around in your soil to test the pH with that pH meter?