Oldest mother plant!?

Mother plants can grow as long as it is kept in 18+ hrs of light each day. So how long has someone mothered a plant? I did a little research and found a 7 years old bonsai mother plant, which is awesome! In my opinions because of legal issues it’s not been recorded by growers. I don’t know!? What do you think?


7 years old Mother Bonsai

I was hesitant to post the link from another site but since there is a huge ILGM ad at the bottom I assumed it was acceptable


Kept some a few years or so…they looked like a row of hedges by the time i started new


I have a cut of jillybean going since 2006. From now defunct seattle growers collective.

I also have a cut of Durban poison going since 2007. Also from seattle growers collective.

I don’t run a dedicated mother. I run each cut outside and cut fresh clones on august 1st each season. I believe it heirlooms them to the local microclimate. A 17year going theory of mine….


Very interesting, i never looked at it like that before

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