2 year old mother marijuana plant, what to do?

Some advice needed from a fellow grower, who is taking care of a 2 year old plant from a friend:

I have a question about a plant, its a ( mother plant ? ) a fellow
grower, hes been using it for a while. he recently had to leave?. anyway
what should I do with this guy. it was without lite for a day or so.
looks like it wants or started flowering. let it flower or keep lites
on? no idea of its strain or origin. only that its a girl. hmmmmm

whats the longest you’ve herd of mother plants living ? its really thick
, dense , on 2/3 of her top sections, most clones taken from lower
branches , should I thin it out ? what do you think.

I would put the plant back under 16 to 18 hours of light. Even if the plant has begun to flower it will revert back to a vegetative stage of growth. Genetics can used for years. I grew Sour Diesel, California Orange, Juicy Fruit and Shishkaberry for over 3 years. Of course I did not use the same mother for all those years. I would strip the mother of clones and I would keep the clone that I took from the crown of the mother (which always took the longest to root) to replace the old mother. Once that clone was established the old mother would be discarded.

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