After start flower

After start flower can I turn it back on 18 hr n make it mother plant if it just started show had three regular cherry left n gone try cloning


Yes you can. If it’s deep in flower the revegging is hard on the plant and takes a while. Early in flower; not so much.



Welcome @bl to the forum

Welcome to the forum @bl. Yes 18/6 will reveg her. Be warnd tho. She WILL bushify on you


Thx I totally appreciate it

And take forevvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr!

I tried it once. Not wasting time on that again.

Yea I feed it veg up to 3 week of 12/12 so it still b just a mother plant I grow clones have banana n gorilla glue mother’s already but they was fem they cherry regular so not sure what breed only reason I need try unless know way tell in veg but my dad grew for 50 yr n he had done it to plant them n field was some megs county finest Indica n 80s n early 90s I’m trying to fill big shoes without him