Premature Flowering

Put in two clones a couple weeks ago and screwed up and had my lights on 12/12. I now have two 8" plants with flowers. I have switched to 18/6 now, and I am really curious to see how they sprout new growth with those flowers in virtually every split. Will add pic shortly.

Post some pics. I have done that before. my opinon only, but as long as they are not showing pistals, you can switch back to veg and be ok. but keep your lights at 18/6 and finish the veg cycle out, i added 2 weeks when i did it and mine came out fine. i know a few that re-vegged once showing pistals but cant comment on that. Good luck @Pat2

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Here are those pics. They are very healthy looking. If I have to wait a little longer for them in the end, that’s ok with me. I’m thinking they may sprout more branches were the flowers are. Time will tell.

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Oh yeah, I should say hello again. I am back after being away for few “COLD” months up here in VT. As you guy’s and gals can see, I screwed up right from the start, LOL !! I guess I am a little rusty.

The process won’t be fast, but they will reveg and start growing again.


Must be the medicine I’m taking, I really don’t mind that at all. : ) Thanks !

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Welcome back.
Reveg will add a few weeks, but it looks like you started early. :+1:


They will slow down but you should be ok. Patience goes a long way. :wink:

Still look healthy

It’s been about three weeks, the girls are healthy, but they aren’t really showing any signs of new growth. I have been thinking about going with 24hr light for a while, and see what happens. I’m open to any suggestions. @dbrn32 @Drinkslinger @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty @MBgrower @Stomper @TDubWilly @Justgrowin @ry @tanlover442 @

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You stressed the plant. Give it time to change back. Sometimes it might take longer then expected. Not all plants of the same strain will jump right back into it. Plants are all different. I’m doing 3 Bruce Banners and all three act differently. One of them is so hearty I could do anything to it and it would just keep going. Really good plant to take clones from. The other two I had to watch what I did to them. They were really slow to respond.
Good luck

The plants that you posted above are in flower. Why go back to vegetative state lighting? Are they auto flowers?

I tend to agree with @Sayyes2MI if they are autos

I guess I to should have asked if they are auto’s. My bag. I know alot of growers go auto. I like non-auto so I tend to answer according to that.

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I don’t think 24hours of light is going to hurt anything.
The one time I tried to reveg a flowering plant it took FOREVER! At least a month before I started noticing growth. It’s not super late, but perhaps drop another seed? Just in case those girls get irritated and mess up your summer grow.

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If you don’t read a stran from the beginning, you may not understand what is happening . These are clones that are about seven weeks in soil. I made mistake by not resetting my light timer to 18/6. They were under the flowering light from the beginning and I didn’t realize it until one day, boom ! I had a bunch of flowers. I will add some new pics soon.

I posted above that it was going to be long process, that’s what I meant. Continue keeping them healthy and they should start showing some new growth before too long.


Some new pictures, they seem to be filling out, lots of leaves, have had lights on 24 hrs. for a few days now. I’m hoping they will get taller. I wonder if I raised the lights if I could trick them to stretch ?

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The first two are pics are " 9 Pound Hammer "
The second two are " Haze Peach " They are both about 11 inches tall.

Those are well past the stretch, and raising the light wouldn’t help you in any way. Good thought though :slightly_smiling_face: Looking good :+1:t3:

I have not taken a flowering plant back to veg but I have seen posts from folks who have and it should work. Anything over 12 is no different in terms of whether it will or won’t reveg but the plant needs some dark time to do its normal beauty sleep turf too. Most growth happens in the dark.

I had a seedling still with only a set of two single blade leaves and the cotaledons I left in the flower tent under 12 hours and it stayed exactly the same for three months in suspended animation. It moved it to the veg tent eventually and it grew like it popped two days ago.