Okay I need some help

Okay so I am in week 4 of my autos. I had to transplant 3 of my babies to their individual pots (beginners mistake). I recently bought the trio of Nutes from Fox Farm and was wanting to get a run down on how to feed my babies properly.

Also on a side note I am using the Happy Tree Frog living organic soil and as of yesterday I noticed a mold growing on the soil, not on my plant but, just the soil. I’ve read in some forums this is common with living soil but it does have concerns raised.

Any help would be gladly excepted!!

Happy Frog is good soil but will require supplements about the time of flower.

If you don’t already have one you need to purchase a digital PH and TDS meter. Along with Reference/calibration solution and PH up and down.

FF has published soil grow schedules with their base nutes and recommend you follow their ratio but at lower strength than called out. You should not have to feed any higher than around 1,000 to 1,100 ppm in soil. FYI the scale on your grow schedule is in U.K. ppm scale which is not what we use in the states so again; stay with what I recommended.

There usually is a sequence of mixing. You mix in the directed order: this is why you have three bottles of nutes. You will be mixing from all three bottles. FF also bases their formula on 200 ppm water IIRC so something like a ‘Micro’ may be necessary along with cal mag.


are these transitioning to Bloom

I want your opinion

Pictures in natural light, single plant please and any suspected signs of sex; take a shot. Can’t see crap under the blurple, sorry.

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