Ocean forest , happy frog only last 20 to 40 days so what do you add or whatever after that.. ...autoflowers need.. New grower and thanks

ocean forest , happy frog only last 20 to 40 days so my question is what do you add or whatever after that… because thats obviously only half the time my autoflowers need… New grower and thanks

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The three most common well respected nutrients lines are, in no particular order…
Jacks 321 - Three part dry mixed in water
Fox Farms Trio - Three part liquid mixed in water
Earth Dust - Dry soil amendment added to soil at beginning and later on at various times

There are many others that work very well too.
Just too many to list all.


I’m new as well so take my opinion with caution, but I would suggest getting a nutrient kit from whoever you decide to go with. Do your research on your growing style or how you want it to go if you haven’t chose one yet. Personally I went with ADVANCED NUTRIENTS advanced kit and bought a bottle of calmag as well. I did the sensi edition cause it took the pH guesswork out of the equation. {PH is always around 6.3 or do after I mix nutrients} it was between Jack’s 321 in advanced nutrients after I did my research. I went with ocean forest soil


Thank you… I still dont know when or how much to add… seems odd that high priced soil is only good for a month lol

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It is because once cannabis starts to flower the nutrient needs change. Flowering needs less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus. There is no way to make a soil that will self adjust. This is why miracle grow or other soils with time release nutrients wont work because of the change in nutrient needs.
So a soil that feeds for about a month or so is perfect as then you take over the new feeding needs yourself.


ok… guess I need to find out when and how much to add
during flowering

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have you picked a nutrient line yet?

As a beginner I LOVE jacks. Bought a magnetic stirrer to help me stir and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought


no… my plants are in miracle grow for 4 weeks and are flowering now… i didnt know miracle gro as bad until it was too late so i am trying to learn for my next grow… altho they are doing fine in miracle grow at the momewnt

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I use jacks. Its easy and forgiving.
I start around the one month point or so in soil and it works fine.
Depending on the particular plant MG can be fine.
Some growers here use it with good success.
You might be just fine.


thanks… so when i start using ocean forest i should add jacks321 as directed after about a month… i appreciate your help


I use fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 top dressed. I also mix it in the soil when I’m filling the pots. I then use bio thrive bloom during flower in my water. Also a little cal mag every once in a while. Works for me.


very nice

Nice. How to achieve the same

Miracle grow isn’t bad it just isn’t suited to cannabis. MG’s time release nutrients are hard to manage. The most accurate way to know when to start adding nutrients is from runoff TDS / PPM reading. The nutrients in soils like Ocean Forest will eventually be consumed or washed out. The rule of thumb is when PPM is under 1000 start adding the nutrients of your choice.
With mediums like coco or water, nutrients need to be added from day 1


Hi Mike, I’m on my second grow, this one is a handful.
I use all fox farms
The trio is all you’ll really need for nutes, but make sure you get cal-mag & sledgehammer
Give them cal-mag with every feed, and always check your ppm going in then your runoff.
If the number doesn’t go down you have a problem, time to use sledgehammer
I’m mitchy, not a pro yet, but I’ve made enough mistakes to know a lot of what not to do
Keep an eye on your ppm in and out, it’s extremely important

Also a note on miracle grow, it has time released nutes, and it is difficult to add nutes to it without issues. You will also have ph problems.
I like ocean forest, it comes with a perfect pH for cannabis, and the nutes by fox farms are actually made for their soil
I used the wrong soil, and didn’t pay attention to my ph\ppm runoff and killed some seedlings and almost killed my whole crop
You can check it out mitchy wild seed mix to see that , or anything mitchy to see my grows
Happy growing, I hope some of my stoned babbling helps

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ok im curious how to check runoff TDS / PPM reading// because i do not have ANything runoff… they are inj fabric pots and do not leak they are sitting on the floor flat

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That’s a good question @mike2308

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Runoff is the term used for the excess water or solution that comes out the bottom of pots while watering or feeding the plants. The ph and ppm of the runoff provides valuable feedback about the medium. Namely is the ph within range based on the medium (soil, coco, peat and related variations) and also information about how much nutrients are in the soil. If you are growing in a living soil watering to runoff is generally not done and ph & ppm are not needed.
This is one option I use to make collecting and disposing of runoff as painless as possible. It is simply an elevated rack over a couple of saucers.

A different setup

A ph meter is used to measure ph.
Apera makes quality pens that are accurate and long lived. I use an Apera ph20

Likewise, a pen is used to measure PPM (parts per million), TDS is also used (total dissolved solids)
Less costly options are available for TDS pens
I started with one of these

After a year or so I upgraded to a BlueLab Pencon Conductivity pen.

This article is a good introduction

Growweedeasy DOT com/ph is also a good article

Glad to help further if I can