NYC Diesel autoflower plants are very stunted

From a fellow grower: NYC Diesel autoflower plants are very small with hardly any buds.

Strain-NYC diesel


Climate-zone 7

Medium-organic professional mix no fertilizer in mix

Ph-run off 6.6

Nutrient mix-1/2 of 10-15-10

Light-6hrs sunshine

Temps-day 90 degrees, night 70 degrees

Humidity- high





Co 2 ?

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Looks like some genetic mutation with these plants :thinking:


Doesn’t look good. I would probably start over. Not much going to happen with that one.


I almost never give up on a plant that’s still green… this one is not worth the time unless the eighth you get out of it is just the best ever grown

Time to start over


Not salvageable to stressed my friend i would start from scratch my friend happy growing

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Wow! I am sorry to agree with this.

Right now I have two terribly stunted girl scout cookie extreme autos and one extremely stunted do-si-dos that I actually threw in the trash can 45 days ago. My sister pulled out the plants and put them back in the tent and little one gallon dollar store pots.

As of 12 days ago they were 6 in tall. Last week they started growing about 2 in per day the dosey doe is a little over 31 in now and the two girl scout cookies are slightly behind her. If you look at them right now you would have never thought they were derr midgets. I’m a firm believer they can grow out. It’s all about that you want to put the time in it. Most would start over I’m a cheap bitch

Sorry, but those shorties are close to fried. The first pic is a goner. Even if you grow them to harvest they are incredibly dirty as well. A bud wash is recommended, in this case required, but honestly, I’d start all over.