Help don’t know what’s going on

Having a problem with my sour diesel autos. They are 28 days old and are starting show some flowers. Problem is they’re only about 10 inches tall. I lst the main stalk to get light into plant. But still looks the same a week later. Leaves look like they’re starting to curl down. Only my second grow and first one had no problems. Was thinking the way they look it’s going to be a waste of time for not much results. Should I pull them and start over or do y’all think that might come out of their funk.


They look fine to me. Autos are unpredictable and harder to grow than photos to get desired results.


Hey I am not any kind of expert, but your plants look healthy to me.
My last grow of WW Autoflowers had a couple small plants that eventually turned in to my favorites


To me they look overfed and ph is high. Not horrible.
What have you been feeding?
Look like you’re in ocean forest? 5 gal.
At that size you still have nutrients left.

Can you give me a little more info?


This is pretty much what they should do. As to why your plants aren’t bigger could be a lot of things. Training, low light intensity, temp out of ideal range, stress, improper ph and/or nutrients, pests, improper watering technique, and probably dozens of other things can stunt plants.


@Fiz @Twelve1 team Tiny Autoflower assemble!

They look alright in my book. As others suggested there may be some underlying issues exacerbating the smallness, I would work to address those and practice identifying symptoms early so the next round of autos are able to be successful from the start.


Reporting for duty!

Of the six autos I have grown to a productive end, four were runts. Each yielded about two ounces. One flowered at about two weeks. All were under 2 feet tall.

Same grow, I had one that was 2 ft tall and 3+ feet wide and was an 8 oz plant.

Autos are going to be on the smaller size typically. My hypothesis on the runts is that all conditions must be perfect. Otherwise they think they must reproduce as quickly as they can.

In the meantime, I have a 36 day Bruce Banner who still hasn’t flowered.

She’s in with a photo so pretty soon she’s going to be on 12/12 and that will persuade her, I am sure.

Good luck with your girls!


Graysin and Fiz, LOL. :grin:

Lots of good input with the others. I’m not saying much new here - genetics play a big part, yet optimizing environment and feeding (or lack thereof) as much as possible will stack the odds in your favor for bigger size and likely when they go into flower. And of course, maybe growing photos might be a better option for you at some point.

I rarely have an optimal environment (I don’t tent), yet I’ve had some plants that have gone into flower up to about day 45 from sprouting, and a couple that were decent producers, especially for their size.

But often, my autos are small, or at least small to most growers, LOL. For one, I use small grow bags, so most of that is on me, as I don’t need big yields at this point. (I usually use 2-gallon bags, on my current grow I’m using 1-gallon bags, lol.)

With the training that you’ve done, it will help your final yield.

They do look like they may have been overfed, which I’ve also done, and my smallest autos were the ones that showed more nitrogen toxicity (very dark green leaves, leaf tips clawing down), something that can stunt growth. I’m using a bit less nutes now.

I’m wondering about watering practices … have you/do you water the entire pot well when you do water? (after the seedling stage)

Your plants look overall good to me, and I say definitely keep them! Hopefully that works for your needs at this time. They are on their way to make you some buds and provide more experience. Maybe you can start some other plants very soon, if that works for you, in addition to keeping the current ones.

Keep us updated, I’d like to see how they progress.


Sorry for late response been at work. I’m not using fox farms. I’ve got roots soil and I’m using foops nutrients. Feeding plants every 3-4 days when pots are light and use finger method. They are in 3 gallon pots.


Interesting! How are they looking now? Keep us updated, iv wanted to try foop lineup.


They are looking better. Fed them last night and they seem to be doing better. But I don’t really know only my second grow. Cut nutrients back half of what is called for so probably stick with that from here on out I did runtz auto for first grow with the foops nutrients had no problems. Got 5 1/2 ounces out of two plants and was stoked… pretty sure I messed up somewhere with this sour diesel grow. Hopefully they will come out of this funk. Here’s a couple o pictures of first grow.


Last 5 pictures are runtz autos grown with the foop nutrient. My brother is the one who gave it to me they had a buy one get one free promo. First time he ever tried it and he said it does great. Only my second grow so I’m still learning.

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