NY first time grower

1 week into my first grow and I’ve already hit a few pumps. Currently have 5 wide widow fems in solo cups. Light was initially delayed, weather has been awful, so I’m working on getting some solid lighting for the seedlings tonight. I’ve been given some suggestions on lighting (just as seedlings, will be placed outside for veg), but am definitely open to more suggestions. Thinking ballast lighting, not sure on the bulb, so definitely open to suggestions on that. Again, appreciate the help!

A low led from home depot will get you started seedlings don’t take much light


Hey @Tom1. Will these do the job?

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Yes that will do I would keep at least 18 inches away to start if they start to stretch lower the light a bit .I like to put my hand under light and if my hand starts getting warm quickly I raise the light. I’ve started clones and seed under a 60 w led 5000k several times


Thanks for the feedback! I have my permanent light coming tomorrow

Until they go outside that is. This damn NY weather has been brutal. I’m also curious if I can go from my solo cups, which they’re in now, to their final pots (15 gallon fabric pots)?

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Probably not much help there I’m a hydro guy very seldom grow outside

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No worries. I’m actually thinking about doing an indoor grow within the next couple of months. So much to learn before then

I found hydro easier. Its definitely a learning exp

Well, when I do actually do it, I’ll need your knowledge! Haha

Hey @Tom1 was curious if the white marks on the leaves are just water spots?

Looks like it

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@Tucci howdy, I started my grow about a month ago indoors underneath a small led grow light. The weather here in NJ just made a turn for the better and I just recently moved my ladies from their solo cups to small clay pots and outside as well. Last year I was quite successful and had transplanted, in order to increase my soil size, a number of times. You’ll probably be safe to go to an intermediate size before they land in their final home!

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Do you think I should transplant more than once? I was thinking about going from the solo cups right to the 15 gallon fabric pots. I’m in NY, so the weather has prolly been fairly similar. Just had a couple beautiful days, but it’s supposed to cool down again unfortunately.

Also put in the new light a few days ago

I went up from solo cups to clay pots to free up some space under the light for the new round of seeds I started. I think with the new round I may go straight to the 15 gal cloth pots and see how they do compared to the ones that went to a clay pot in between

Yeah, I’m hoping I’ll be able to just transfer them to the 15 g cloth pots from here. I’m just worried about damaging the plants while transplanting

Make sure you have clean hands and try to minimize touching of bare roots and you’ll be fine!

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Is this purple stem an issue? The rest are all white-ish green