Nutrients and how to mix them

Hello I’m new to the indoor growing and just have a question. I got fertilizer from ilmg are you supposed use the tiger bloom and cal mag with the stuff i got from ilgm

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Welcome to the forum! I am afraid that I have never used your nutrients, so I can’t answer your question. I am sure you will get an answer here, I know @Docnraq uses FF nutrients.
If you are petty good on a computer, you may want to consider starting a grow journal here.

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Welcome aboard! Most growers try to stick with one nutrient line at first. Mixing different nutes can really cause some big hiccups throughout the grow. If Tiger Bloom is the only part of the FF trio you have, I’d shelf it and stay with Bergmans. I haven’t used them, but haven’t seen a ton of complaints here. Good luck and happy growing!


Thanks, just starting to get a couple brown spots on my leaves. Just trying to fix it before it gets out of hand. Im in the second week of flowerimg and haven’t had any issuse till now.thank ypu guys and habe a good day.

You are probably seeing the results of the increased need of “P and K”, during flowering.

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@DF welcome to the forum pics would help to diagnose what you’re seeing. You could also get spots from your nutrient feed dripping on your plant.

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I’ll try to figure out how to up load some pics. Not real tech savy i’m an old man. I dont think its from nutes dripping on them i always water from umder tje plant.i’ll try to get you some pics.

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When you open a reply post there is an icon on the top that looks like a picture in a box. Click on this and then you can post a picture from your library, or take a picture.

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Congrats on the quick picture download. It looks like you have more than one deficiency going on.
First make sure your water/nutrients are ph to 6.5 for soil, I am assuming that you are using soil. And the run off is between 6.2 to 6.8. It would be good to check the PPM of the run off, if you can.
If ph and PPM is correct. I wouldn’t fart around with it and switch to a proven nutrient line. Check out growgreenmi dot com, you can get a starter kit of Mills for about $80 with free shipping. Or you can get these three parts of Jacks for about $65 with shipping, (they give free shipping at $75). So with some silica you will be at free shipping.

I have used both nutrient lines and would recommend either one. I just speaking from experience of chasing one deficiency after another, before switching to a good nutrient line.
Just my opinion, I am sure you will get more.

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I’ll take your advice and i appreciate it.thanks. yeah they have potassium def. I think. With all the help here i’ll get it thanks again.

Yeah, I think the brown spot around the edges is a potassium deficiency. The spots on the inside of the leaves are probably a calcium deficiency. The light colored blotches in the middle of the leaf margins are more than likely a magnesium deficiency. But keep in mind that deficiency identification is not my strong suit.

Yeah thats what i tjought . I’ll get some better nutes and i’ll let you know how they turn out. Thanks for the help.

You are very welcome!
If you don’t mind, give us a little more info about your grow. Tent size, lights, containers, grow medium and brand, ventilation, and general information this will prevent those who want to help from going down a rabbit hole.

Welcome to the forum!

Id either, leave the tiger bloom out of the equation, or leave the ilgm nutes out of the equation and follow the stand alone directions on tiger bloom bottle. As for the calmag, it really depends on the water your using as to if an how much calmag to use. What kind of water are you using?

Before I agree you have a deficiency going I have 3 questions. 1) what kind if soil are you using? 2) what have you fed them up until this point? 3) What was the input ph and tds as well as runoff ph and tds of last water/feed

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If you’re using Bergmans they have a schedules for whatever medium you choose and should it exceed TDS when mixing nutes. Watch your ph as well.


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Im a Fox Farms user and agree with the above statements. Id either use the Jacks321 as it is and add a jacks pk booster. Or the entire fox farms line up. Tigerbloom i dont feel will cover the bases alone. I know the bottle state they can be used as a stand alone product but thats not true. Theyre formulated to need every product in the lineup to make proper solution. And buying a bag of pk booster is way cheaper than the 150$ youll need to finish that lineup.

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I have a 4×8 tent 6 in exhaust an sf 4000 from spider farm. A 6 in fan . I used rocket fuel for my dirt. My temp stays at 80. I used 4.5 gal. Pots my humiitdy is at adout 40 percent. 3 are rumtz auto amd 2 are amnesia haze. I kinda know whats goimg on . Let me mess with this. Amd i’ll get back on track.thanks every one. I love this site.

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Good luck! Let me share this reply that I received from Mills. When I asked about adding cal/mag when using RO water. This simple statement about deficiency progression has helped me a lot.

“With Mills, Basis A has calcium and Basis B has magnesium, so adding additional calcium or magnesium shouldn’t be necessary, even if you’re using RO water and/or growing in coco.
Since the nutrients are already in balance, if you do start seeing signs of calcium or magnesium deficiencies (or the plant just starts to look a little hungry overall), we recommend just raising the Basis A&B (in equal amounts) by a few ml/gal while keeping everything else as-is instead of adding a calmag additive.
This is because we find that usually what happens is that plants tend to show signs of a calcium or magnesium deficiency before other deficiencies. So if you use CalMag, you treat the calcium deficiency, but are more likely to see other deficiencies start to pop up. So what happens is you end up playing whack-a-mole going from one deficiency to the next, when really they just need a little more of everything. Because of this, we recommend adjusting the Basis A&B as necessary to keep them dialed in instead of calmag.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just let me know.”

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Yep thanks. What happened was on the tips were turning brown so i backed off the nutes because i thought was giving them to much.they looked great umtil l did.that. so long story short mydumb a_ _! . We’ll see. Thanks again.