Nutrient defecencey

I flushed my 3 gal air pots with about 3 gallons of water cause of burning, but now I’m having nitrogen defecencey and I feed them 2 times in 3 days only using half nutrient but still am not seeing a change should I feed them again or water and wait for nutrients to work cause it seems like it takes a few days for nutrient uptake at least when over feed?

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Old damaged leaves will not recover. You need to look at new growth for results. in soil, could be a week before you see something. in coco maybe a couple days and in hydro you should see results the next day


Should I give it nitrogen I’m not absolutely sure it’s not taking nitrogen from a specific plant that’s more yellow but doing same to all plants here a close up of new growth

That new growth is going to appear yellow. The lower leaves are green. It looks like they have plenty of nitrogen to me.

How old are they and what soil are you in?

Looks like a potassium deficiency or phosphorus. Not sure which

The first thing to consider when nutrient issues pop up is PH, if thats not on it wont matter what you feed the plant.
In fact, all you may need is to bring the solution into range to fix your issue.


It looks kinda like leaf variegation