Nutrient burn? (First grow)

It’s week 7 and I’ve noticed my plants were way too dark, shiny leaves, and the tips of the leaves seemed to be dying back a tiny bit on all the plants and the leaf tips are clawing. At the top of 2 bud sites on the biscotti closest to the lights the leaves are dying back significantly. Im pretty sure I was giving too many nutes. I’ve been flushing for the past 3 waterings and the color of the plants seems to be leveling out to a better green. If anyone has any ideas of there is anything else I should do? I plan on flushing 1 or 2 more times depending on what they look like, then I want to go to half strength ff3 + calmag. I assume I’ve caught this somewhat early and Iatill have time to correct it since all the plants still have at least like 3 Weeks maybe?


Moab 1:

Moab 2:


One good flush down to 300 to 400 runoff PPM will get the job done.

Your plant isn’t all that bad. It should take a couple of weeks to regain a better color.

Good idea. Try your best to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000. Don’t worry about it if you are off a couple hundred PPM here-and-there.

Using the FF Trio is loaded with mineral salts that will generate pH problems every several weeks resulting in nutrient lockout. Are you monitoring runoff pH? Your runoff pH is an accurate way to be aware of salt buildup.

How many weeks has the plant been flowering? Is the 7 weeks you cited time from seed or time in flowering?


I don’t have a good way to collect runoff yet, I need to find some cheap catch pans that will fit my pots or something like that. I have an ec meter but I haven’t been using it since it isn’t calibrated correctly. In my next grow I will definitely be fixing these things and keeping an eye on exact inputs and output much more.

This is day 45 of flower, 17 weeks total.

They’re taking a long time but I did have them in veg for a significant amount of time.

Also I’m curious how you quote other people’s post in sections like that I can’t figure it out.

On a PC you highlight the text you want to quote. It will give you an option to quote the text you have highlighted. I don’t know how to do it on a phone.

You have 2 to 4 weeks to go yet. Time in flowering is what matters and time from seed is irrelevant. Most plants will be ready 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering.

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Oh I figured it out thanks!

Alright, so if I can’t measure my runoff when should I begin feeding again? I’ve watered 3 times ph 6.8 no nutes. Would you recommend I just go ahead and do my half strength tomorrow or water 1 more time then start back up? I was also thinking about adding molasses since I’ve read it helps balance ph and helps with flavor.

To catch runoff you may be creative for your individual setup and use any way that works. I am able to take my plants out and move them around. When watering/feeding i remove them from my grow location (small closet type room). I bought a new kitty litter tub and placed a small bowl inside on the bottom. Then i set a wire rack, like from a freezer, over the top of it. Set the plant on the rack, water and any runoff that comes directly out of the bottom is caught in the bowl. The rest from the sides drips in the box. This makes it easy for me to then test my runoff and ppm from the bowl. Many ways to skin a cat :rofl: this is just whats easy for me. Ive seen so many different ways to catch runoff, be creative and have fun. This is a part i love about this hobby. There is no bad idea if it works for you. Hope this helps and i explained so you could get a visual picture of it. No photos of my process…ha! Would have made it easier, huh? :v:

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I’ll definitely have to work something out I’m pretty good at finding workarounds, I’m just stuck in a scrog and I don’t want to take the risk of breaking branches since a bunch of the branches are flimsy as is.

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Also I would Like to add I found some powdery mildew on moab 1 (this plant is giving me hell compared to the other 2). I grabbed some neem oil and sprayed them. I also realized the pressure was supposed to be negative in my grow room. What a noob. After fixing that, my room is sitting at around 45 rh now. Should that fix my pm issue?

On phone it’s the same just highlight
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Edit my bad I answered before reading :sweat_smile:

Neem oil shouldn’t be used if plant is flowering it alters taste and aroma

It’s probably not going to do damage just don’t use it again in flower

Alright I won’t I assumed I was far enough from finishing that it might be alright, but I also used that before realizing my tent issue.

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