Flushed my plants now they look like this

Ive posted these girls a couple weeks ago when one was growing insanely tall. 4 GSC 1 XL O.G. i flushed them on monday night and today is Thursday. It looked like a lock out to me thats why i initially flushed the plants. But now they look like this…Anyone think i should flush again? ?There in 5gal pots i used about 3gal per pot of PH water at 6.8. I did not get a run off reading. I dont want weeks of work going down the drain :tired_face: Any suggestions?? I have not fed them since i flushed because the soil still seems a little moist.


Did you flush and feed in the same day?

The plants look fine. The lower leaves are going to die off. The third pic shows some issues. Not sure what your grow environmental or feed regimen is.

  1. What was indicator that led you to flush? You have dead leaves at bottom and yellowing heavier at bottom to top. There are handful of reasons knowm to cause this, but a ph lockout usually goes the other way. Most of the time this is nutrient deficiency, poor watering habits, or simply from lack of light.

  2. Running 3 gallons of water through 5 gallon pot is more like a heavy watering, not a proper flush. Thst should take more like 10-15 gallons or a stripping agent.

  3. Why did you not take runoff reading when you had the opportunity? I’m not suggesting you have an issue with ph, but if you thought you did this is how you’d check. A ppm/tds/ec reading comparing what you put in vs what runoff tests would be advised as well. If you had these two things would probably show you right where any potential issue is.

I don’t necessarily agree with BobbyDigital that your plants look fine, but they certainly don’t look critical either. As deep in grow as these are may just be a formality that you have to deal with.


No i flushed on monday and havnt fed them since because the soil is still moist.


4×4 tent 6" cloud9 fan 3 6" fans temp range from 72° to 82° and im using the Begmans feed from this site. Every other water i feed. I havnt watered since i flushed. Except for the plant in the 3rd pic just fed her last night. Not sure if im using enough feed. Calls for 1 teaspoon per gal and i use a 2gal jug to water all 5 plants. I get about a 10% run off each time.

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I assumed i had a lockout because the tips of the leaves were changing color and alot of yellowing on the middle of the plant not only the bottom. Seems like it kept rising up the plant. Would it be wise to try and flush again? I didnt want to put my plants outside to flush so i did it in my garage where i dont have a water hose. Does the water of the flush have to be PHd? Or can it just be regular tap water? I apologize for all the questions im still trying to get this down. I didnt check my runoff because my pen broke so i flushed untill the water was clear again. Obviously wasnt enough.

Always flush and feed on the same day. Overwatering is repeated watering when soil is not ready for water yet, not a singular act. When you flush soil you put 3x its volume of water through the soil, washing away nutrients. If you dont feed same day you literally wash away the nutes and leave them with nothing to eat.

Dont apologize, its what this place is for. This is the only growing forum that isnt full of douchebags who make you feel dumb for not knowing.


Ahhh ok i didnt know that. So what do you suggest at this point? Should i flush and feed again? Or let it dry out and start feeding? Not sure what to do at this point. I feel like flushing again would be overwatering correct? Or maybe itll help. Like i said, ive gotten to far to let it go to waste at this point lol

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Depends on how many days it is normaly wet. If you are looking to water tomorrow wait, if its still 2 or 3 days, I would feed. She gonna be hungry. If you do feed today, be sure to let her soil dry out well, moist still, but not wet before watering again.

Yes, flush with water phd to 6.8

That will only work if you pour real slow. Gotta have a ph pen to know for sure.

Ok great! Thanks for the advise i will prob feed tonite i know there starving. If it continues to get worse ill flush again but ill uses alot more water this time. :+1:

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Before you flush again lets talk about why you flushed in the first place.

This isnt a sign of lockout. Leaf tips changing colors is usually from 1 or 2 things. 1) nutrient burn. A feed with too high of tds for the plant to handle (looks rust colored or ashen at tips) Or 2) light burn (yellowing or whitening of the tips) A tip for you. It is hard to kill a plant, the process takes at least a few days, dont rush to any action. Always time to ask a pro before you do anything “corrective” you wouldnt want to compound the issue by creating addtl stress for you or your lady.

2 gallons for 5 plants? What size pot? I use 3 gals liquid for 4 plants in 3.5 gallon pots. (3/4 gallon per plant) Increase your liquid to get 15-20% runoff and try pouring slower, if the runoff is coming out the side edge of your pot your pouring to fast. I like to play videogames while I water, put in 1/2 a quart, play a hole of golf, another 1/2 quart, another hole. Not that you have to do it that way just example of how to slow the water column from rushing through your soil. Gravity is a beech, and water will create tunnels in the soil, pour too quickly and all the water will run through the tunnel instead of being picked up by the soil. (Make sense?) You want higher runoff to ease salt buildup.

To avoid over feeding, only feed when tds of runoff is below 1000. Just like when you flush you can water and feed in the same day. Water some, check runoff, if low say 500ppm, mix feed and finish with feed. If its say 800ppm, feed next time soil gets dry. (I know I can be wordy, so please if im not making sense, LET ME KNOW, I will try again. There are NO stupid questions.)

I gave a rushed response here before, Id like to clarify. Yes, flush water must be phd to 6.8. It can be tapwater but it still must be phd AND be chlorine and chloramine free. What does your tap waters ph and tds look like?

Clear away most if not all the yellow leaves, they are a lost cause at this point and it will help you to track further issue.

If your ph pen and tds meter are not operational you need to correct that. Its very important to ph and tds your feeding solution to correct levels and its also important to track your runoff. Runoff is a loose interpritation of the root zone so tracking it helps you identify trends of rising or falling ph and falling tds. I use an app called Jane

Its free up to 8 plants and two tents. Check it out It is amazeballs!

Feel free to ask away if you have any questions, we’ll get your ladies squared away.
@dbrn32 or @BobbyDigital anything I missed or to add?


Love the app…currently got 12 plants going and it helps keep track

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I wouldn’t until you know of a reason to flush.

The water you’re applying does need to be the proper ph. Otherwise you could be making bad situation worse.

Or, it was unnecessary and too much. Hard to say for sure without any data to support, but this plant was probably just a little hungry moving all mobile nutrients to newer growth.

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Ok so i probably fdlushed when i didnt need to. I do have a new pen so i can read the ppms.but Now my pots are dry and not sure if 1) should just water without feed to get a reading? Or 2) feed and get a run off reading? I have 3 -5gal and 2- 7 gal. I use a 2 gal watering pot to water all the plants with. I was always sacared of over watering and that you mention if the water is coming out the sides of the pot i know im watering to fast! In the beginning my ppm pen was working and i was getting readings at 1800 to 2400 with no feed and i was still having the same problems so i gave up on the ppm pen.i used strawberry fields on the bottom, ocean in the middle and happy frog on the top. Didnt start feeding up untill a couple of weeks ago. My tap water in at 8.0 so i always ph it to 6.5-6.8 i will try that app thanks alot! I think you pretty much summed everything up. Just dont know if i should feed now and check runoff or just water and check runoff…

Yeah i always ph my water but havnt been checking the runoff. I know it was between 18-2500 about 4 weeks ago so i didnt feed i just watered.

Water and check runoff, if its below 1000 mix up a feed, let the runoff stop dripping (takes 10 mins or so) then feed. I do my pots the same way minus happy frog. You could pour 500 gallons of liquid through your soil and as long as you let it dry before you watered again, you would NOT be overwatering. Overwatering is a frequency of watering not a quantity of water.


Awesome!!! Thanks for the advise i will definitely water and go from there. Thanks alot!!


Anytime my friend. Happy to help.

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So i got a tds pen and watered the ladys and checked the runoff after about 10 min and all 5 plants were between 2700 to 3300 crazy high! Not sure if i watered to fast or not but i took my time and no water came out of the walls of the pots. So at this point i feel like i need to flush again but im not sure if its a good idea because i juat watered. I think at this point im going to just ride it out and see what happens lol very stressful at times. Even with my old tds pen the run off was over 2,000 without even an food just what was in the soil. Maybe its just my luck lol.

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