Help i forgot to ph and fed one plant neuts yesterday and again today

Am i screwed for feeding one of my plants fox farms neuts yesterday and possibly again today? Should i flush? Will the plant die now fml? I also forgot to ph the water im using soil. Plz help im scared. Its my favorite plant ever.

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She won’t die. You will be okay. Just keep an eye on her.

I wouldn’t flush. But let me get you some expert help…
@Graysin @OGIncognito @PurpNGold74 Hopefully one of these guys can help you!


Thank you :pray: yeah i was totally freaking out! @Tdevine thanks for answering so quick aswell.


Just water with PH water only next watering and check your runoff PPMs. And make sure you’re watering to runoff to avoid buildup. I also use FF and have actually fed EVERY watering. Didnt know better, but because I monitored my runoff numbers I havent had a problem yet.


No worries you have time to flush that with a few water feedings and do this to liberal run off 20% of what you’re putting in to run out the bottom. Can I ask what you are feeding, age of plants and the medium you’re using? :love_you_gesture:


My sentiments exactly.