"Not Another Gnat!"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

" The plants have been growing slowly, but appear healthy.

I used the 4:1 water/peroxide flush and put up some fly strips (that have collected gnats) while a bowl of cider vinegar with perforated cellophane attracted none. This was three days ago, and I just saw another gnat crawling on the dirt. Should I flush again? Since there is a possibility of larval infection, would repotting them while still young be god or bad?

They are in small clay pots, generic soil, and being fed very diluted ‚ÄúTomatoTone‚ÄĚ organic fertilizer."

I think it would be wiser to first exterminate then transplant to fresh new soil so there’s minimal chance of infecting new soil. I have successfully exterminated them with a combo of Food grade Diatomaceous Earth and The non poisonous yellow gnat sticky traps and gnatnix 100% recycled glass. What I did was sprinkle a light 1/8 inch layer of the food grade de on soil and lightly dusted leafs and then a nice 1-1.5 inch layer of the gnatnix on soil. And then I spread out the sticky traps , some hanging and some laying around the tops of pots for any that made it threw … I also decreased the water I was giving and increased the time the plants dried out considerably, and I also turned up the fans so there was alot of air movement, which the bugs cant fly through its like turbulence… All the ones flying around got stuck on traps and then the ones in soil couldnt make it up to surface so they all died out because they couldnt reproduce. I switched out the sticky traps after the ones hanging around on surface filled it up and I didnt see a single one on the next set I did… Good luck