Northern Lights Auto - Seedling Dies (twice)...?

First time grower - little to no experience in gardening with the exception of some vegetables.

Autoflower beginner mix - Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Northern Lights

Germination was straight forward and all popped roots. Placed in “A Pot for Pot” set up - Seedling grow pellet.

Blueberry took off!
Amnesia a little slower but coming now!
Northern Lights - died twice!

All steps followed as other two in 1/2 gallon pot.
Seedling seems to grow down…? I know this is not possible as it will seek a light source. (I am a biologist…just animal biologist not botanist) :wink:

As you can see, it is not pooping up above the soil.

I cleared the soil and use tweezers to nudge it up:

It’s now two days and it looks like it is turning brown.

This is the second Northern to do this.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.

I have spent much time reading and learning from all of you here. Thank you to everyone for their tme. I hope that in the future I can do the same.

Looks to be too wet, which causes damping off (a fungal infection in the root zone due to wet soil.)

Seedlings need very little water. If watering them, then waterings should be measured in milliliters and you shouldn’t water again until the grow medium is dry again.


I go 24 hours in water then straight to forever home 3 gal fabric pots, dome them

Thank you @MidwestGuy

When I touch the pellet, it feels very dry. That is why I added water. I do it with a spray bottle and not directly on the seedling. I read that it should be damp. I knw there are many other variables.

Is this one possible to continue if I leave it for a bit, or should I start a new one?

Thank you @Tinman

After you dome them, how often would you uncover? Water less? I have not read enough about the use of domes but have seen them in pictures.

From what I understand that the seedling does not take water up through the roots but instead through the leafs, why you need high humidity (doom)clear cup of some sort and just mist the inside of cup 2 time a day


I grow successfully with no dome. You just have to be one confident mofo. I prefer walking on the fringe and I end up doing the opposite. Never a dull moment in my grow tent. :joy::joy::joy:

I forgot to mention I did grow a NL Auto and she didn’t produce very well. I’m more experienced now.


my northern lights autos from ilgm


[quote=“PP3121, post:1, topic:45395”]
Seedling seems to grow down
[/quote] It is odd because I had the same experience.

What you are seeing is actually the root. I had the tray covered so apparently it was receiving enough moisture. I took a chance and simply removed it from the starter mix and replanted it right end up. I could actually see what looked like leaves when I did this. I buried her completely. Surprisingly she figured it out and survived. She is a little delayed and not as robust as her sisters but alive non the less. Here she is 30 days after she was moved to the 6’ pot

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What is that monster @Tinman! That is awesome!

One day, I hope to be posting something like that. Never as big due to my limited growing space, hence the 1/2 g pots.

It’s not the seeds; it’s me!

Thank you @beardless

I am going to try and save her. I already lost one, and I am on a tight budget; can’t afford (literally and figuratively) to loose another one!

Thanks for the optimistic inspiration. :upside_down_face:

Give it a try. Nothing to lose at this point.

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Would you suggest to replant or dome her? You can see the seed case with the some green in the second image. This was after I tweaked her out of the soil. I was optimistic she would go because a few hours later she looked to be more upright.

Cover lightly with your seedling mix, mist the inside of the dome and cover w/ dome. Cross your fingers.

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@beardless Thanks for the suggestion. Wanted to update you on the status of the little girl.

I am struggling with Jack Herer auto seedlings too. They have totally stalled out. I can’t tell if they want water don’t want it. Light, dome, you name it. And to add to that, I can’t get mt DIY light to fire up.

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Wish I had more knowledge to help you out.

This grow is turning out to be more difficult than I originally thought it would be.

Stick with it, I guess.

Post pics as you progress. I’ll do the same.

Good luck.