What fertilizer to use?

@jetlag The three are all autos. Seems like two are either pre-flower or flower (Blueberry and Amnesia) and one has yet to show any signs (Northern Lights).

I had so many issues with the NTH and AMN. Both seemed to have died. I sought advice here and they came back. They are small, but growing nonetheless. The BB is doing very well - about 16" and very wide. Taking up most of my small space. I think three were too many for my ~2x2 space. Live and learn.

Temps still running high - 84 with 54 RH. The NTH may be heat stressed as I see the upper leaves just beginning to curl upwards. Limited space, limited budget.

This was the start if interested:

Link sharing does not seem to be working, sorry. That’s the URL. Got lots of advice from Tinman and beardless.