No till / live soil

Gorilla glue seed
20 gal smart pot
2x2x4 tent
2 600w led lights
200 red wigglers
60 lb mixter of worm compost, organic soil, neem seed meal, crab meal mammoth P & shark microbes

Kelp meal, red & white clovers on the way

Plan on scrogging and clip a clone for next go around
Going on week two now. Pics on the way


I’ll be tracking this. I’ve only recently encountered the idea of no till growing…

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Here, here.

What does no till mean? Thanks!

Definitely strapped in and watching

I’m interested I’ll be watching!

Watching for sure

No till means you don’t mess with the soil cut your plant and this part is contravertial weather you take the root ball out or leave it in the ground most say to leave it becauae it breads down and helps feed the soil for next go around. Or that’s how I understand it someone correct me if I’m wrong


My understanding is that it deals with the grow more than the harvest. The idea being that tilling the soil disturbs all kinds of beneficial micro organism in the soil.


@Sirsmokes is correct. I leave my root ball. I cut it at the base and let the worms soil and microbes take care of the rest. It’s naturally benificial to the grow and the yield. No salty mute mixtures no annoying schedules. No replacing soil use same shit for years. Easy once you get the soil on point and very benificial for the yield

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Seems like it would be bug heaven indoors… and long waits in between grows… :wink:
Hope it works out for you…
The only people I see doing this are out door growers that switch out beds every year , back and forth… :thinking:


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My grow is pretty much like what your going to do.
Here is a link to my journal

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There’s no wait. You chop old at the base and plant new clone right next to it day after. Bugs aren’t an issue if the environment is kept clean and sealed


I also a have one plant with the no till method, indoors, growing cilantro with it.