Nitro def or lack of light?

Lemon Haze (about 2-3 weeks to harvest)and Blueberry X Big Bud (about 5-6 weeks from harvest). All autos.
I have not done any pruning on these except to remove a few lower leaves that were yellow; only doing LST. I am feeding half strength GH Flora Series, CaliMagic, Liquid Kool Bloom, and silica.

I am pretty sure the lower leaves that have paled and yellowed out and easily fall off the plant are simply due to the lack of light way down low on the plant. However, just want to make sure this is not nitrogren def (read where it will show up in lower leaves first). They all are growing like gang busters.

I need to add about 8 gallons of water to the reservoir today and need to know whether to stick with half strength or go 3/4 to full strength nutes. All I have read on autos is to give them no more than half strength nutes so I have pretty much stopped trying to get TDS up. PH is kept at 6.

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They’re just not receiving light down there on the bottom so the plant will use up what’s in those leaves and eventually drop them. That’s why a lot of us strip the bottom 1/3rd of the plant. The plants looks real healthy will a little bit of heat stress.


Thanks. I am struggling to keep them from getting too tall. I can dim the light back a bit. Should I? Also, do I clean up a bit under the plant or let it just keep falling off? I am pretty sure I way over pruned my first grow this summer (photoperiod) so I am trying really hard to keep my nippers away from these. :laughing:

Edited: will clean bottom third and decreased the light back to about 60%. Is that too much of light decrease?

If you do clean up the bottom 1/3rd take your time. Spend the next week taking a handful of leaves each day. What’s your canopy temps? There may be a better way of cooling the canopy than dimming the lights


Decreasing the light will actually cause then to stretch more. I don’t see any signs of nute burn, so you could probably increase your nutes a little.

And just a heads-up, if that’s a Vivosun 6" clip fan, you may want to replace it with something else. Apparently they have a tendency to overheat and catch fire.


@BobbyDigital @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie

Good eye on the fan. I checked Amazon to see what it was and it is indeed a Vivosun. I had an oscillating fan in there that had a tent pole clip, but the humidity levels in the tent this summer killed it. I have to be brave anyways and go to WallyWorld today, and while there will pick up another little fan today.

The temps in the tent range from about 66 at night to 77 in the day. If does get above it I run the ceiling fan a bit in there or the AC. I do have a little ceramic heater in the bottom of the tent on low that will kick on in the night. I worry a bit more about that thing but will replace the fan. I did touch the fan it is cool at this time. But as much as this house needs a good remodel I don’t want to have to burn it down to get there. :rofl:

The leaves at the bottom are kind of self pruning. Will be super conservative with plucking anymore off and take my time.