Close to Harvesting?

Good morning friends!!! I am pretty sure I’m getting close to harvest time and I read in a few places that when it comes down to the final weeks the tips of the leaves will start to die as that energy is transferred into creating bud. Today is the 6th week into flower and wondering if I should stop nutes and flush for 2 weeks.

Green Poison Auto XL vegged from Nov 25th to Jan 1st
Grown in FFOF with FF nute trio and CalMag

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Looking very nice. You need to check the buds, the tricomes. How do they look? You need a loupe to answer that question. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Thank you…yeah they are still cloudy clear…the pistols are about 50% turned too

Did you have a fan moving the plant while it was growing? It looks really weak. If you did no use one, add one for next time. It helps strengthen the stems. Also, what light did you use. Model, etc etc. My guess is it is underpowered.
You still have a couple of weeks. The upper leaves on my autos always fade off. I think it has more to do with age / maturity with autos. I generally don’t flush. I just back off nutes the last week.


I did not have a fan going…good call!! Now I had to tie up the stems to keep them from falling. I was using a 150 watt LED which I believe was 30 watts of power. I think she may be spindly from the lights too. This is my first try and thats why I only used up one seed. I had a lot to learn and still do…

You will want something with more power to produce flower than the light you have. What is the size of your grow enclosure?

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Definitely an under powered light. The plant looks nice beside tge lack of buds it should have. If u up the light to a better one ud be rolling sweet pal. Check out toolots and search led grow lights in their search engine. They have super deals on lights. Got 4x 240 w kits for 149 us dollars each light. 230 bucks cheaper than hlg and do almost the same thing hlg does

2x2x4 its a small tent