Auto's Question

I was just wondering, inasmuch as Auto’s have such a short life-cycle, should I flush out the grow nutes when flowering begins, or is it best to just let the plants use up what is available in the medium while switching to bloom nutes?

Ideally, how often should I do a complete flush with Auto’s? Should my flush criteria be dependent upon the ph and ppm of my runoff? Since I am using coir, obviously, flushing will be a breeze.

White Widow Auto feminized from Robert
straight Coco coir
tap water 6.4 ph
1st month 24/0 light cycle
Mean temperature 82 degrees Fahrenheit
1 gal standard plastic nursery pots
Average humidity 35-40 %
Pro grow 260 LED
General Hydro. nutes

I’m hoping 'wood or McGyver will know this off the tops of their heads (swollen with decades of knowledge and experience :wink:


the Granny Tranny
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Unfortunately Latewood and I don’t have a lot of experience with auto-flowering strains. However I’d imagine, with the exception of needing a lot of light and 24 hours of light for its entire life or most of it, that everything else is pretty much the same and you’d flush as usual the last couple of weeks of flower right before it’s “finished”. I would imagine flushing the veg nutes out shouldn’t really be necessary.

Thanks, Brother! I’m going to meticulously record this grow, so we will have a journal with Robert’s Auto genetics.

I vote that, sometime in the foreseeable future, we add an Auto section in the support hierarchy.