Everything good?

2 WW autos
3 gal fabric pots
6.3 ph water and Happy Frog soil
300 Watt full spectrum LED light 16.5 – 22 inches

They are just beginning week five tomorrow. I believe they stretched a little when I changed over from an underpowered LED light to a better quality LED light as they entered veg state. I have air moving through the room plus I have a fan on them. They did not produce many branches. I have moved the lights up and down a bit but have them now as stated above. Watering about 16oz every other day or until water starts draining out the bottom (or sides at the bottom) of the fabric bags. I check to see if the soil is dry before watering. No nutes being added.

The lower leaves seem to be yellowing a little on the smaller plant. The very bottom leaves already turned yellow and I trimmed them off. I understand that it is normal for the bottom leaves to turn and even drop off as they stop providing energy. The extreme end of the leave tips at the bud seem to have yellow as well (very small), and I am wondering if I have a problem at this time or does it look normal for these girls?

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T weeks no food. U need to check ppm runoff and prolly start feeding some bloom nutes what brand light is it. Looks like awful small amount of buddage on that plant


Probably just begun flowering, I agree tho. You want to look into a nutrient supplement line. Specifically the Bloom (flowering nutes) and i dont know what kind of light you have, but you may need more intensity to flower properly.

What u got will get buds. But not dense baseball bats… im thinking.

Kind of soil? And lights?


Type of light

Happy Frog. I have read that when using Happy Frog with autos you should not need nutes. Any recommendations for flowering nutes??

Nice light. They probably would be more appreciative if it was an Amazon link (cant remember if it was). But itll get the job done for now.

I use Alaska Fish Ferts. U can get it at lowes/home depot/ walmart.

Fox Farms Trio is also recommended often around here.

Jacks 123 is the new kid on the block. Powderd nutes u moz into water. UBER cost efficient

Well, I bought a bottle of Advanced Nutrients “Bloom” (it would arrive the quickest). Now that I have it and have read the directions I see that it is part of a 3 part fertilizer. Is it ok to use it alone at this stage??

Still kinda early to be pulling the N heavy ferts. But i imagine using it at quarter strength (and adjusting pH properly) would help. :+1:t5: