Nightime temperature in my tent ok?


Just a quick one, I just setup my new grow tent in my garage and being winter where I am. I was pushing at tops 10 degree’s Celsius and have put an oil heater in there (as not to have hot air blowing directly onto the plants but radiate instead).

I am now reaching 17 - 18 degree’s Celcius, will this be adequate for my grow as a night time temp or will I need to further bring up the temperature?

@diz following up from your grow box with insulation topic, this is about as good as I have been able to get and thats with a heater.

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If not already you might consider running your lights of the night and off day time.


I advise from someone in the forum I switched my light schedule to night time from day time too. It has helped significantly!

I just made a clay pot candle heater, I need to tweak it to get it working better. Will let you know if that works too.


As @kellydans said, i run mine at night both summer and winter to help control temperature

@kellydans I am currently running my light at night it got me from 16 celcius to 18 celcius, looking at a few grow diaries looks like it may be passable.

@diz PLEASE keep us posted on these ceramic heaters I looked into them a bit, would like to know how effective they really are, could be a really good little investment, I am hoping this heater sitch only lasts till august… who knows it’s Melbourne…


If you got your tent inside a small room and just control the temperature and humidity in the small room is the easiest way to control inside tent or fabricated grow space by pulling fresh air from the controlled room . Just my thoughts good luck