Basement Tent is too cold

First time grower located in Boston. I just set up my Oppulent 3x3x6 tent in the basement today. where the ambient temp is a balmy 55 degrees . Inside the tent, with the HLG 100 the temp got all the way up to 61 after 6 hours. I thought it would be much warmer in there. The 3 plants are still on the seedling table in our dining room but time is running out. They have reached about 8 inches tall with nice fan leaves. I am afraid if they go into the tent it will not be warm enough for them. I am trying to get the conditions right in the tent before moving them into their permanent home . Help!

This may raise the temp a couple degrees. Also remember, as the plants grow, humidity will be released and temps will change throughout the grow. Good luck!

Thanks. The tent this morning with the light off all night was a brisk 56 degrees. I am not sure I can put the plants in until I get it to be at least in the mid 60s over night , right?

I am in North Carolina basement and have to use a space heater in the tent

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You will need to add a heater.

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Curious to know if that temp was taken about 18-20” below the light? That’s where the plants
Canopy will be.
If you can control the ambient temp would help a lot. Even setting a heater near the intake will help a lot.
Running light at night is what I do to help with mine.
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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My tent has about a 7-10 degree dip at night… Which is actually during the day… It’s warmer outside and natural light usually goes into basements through windows… At least in your neighboring state… So I run lights at night I use MH/HPS so my lights put out more heat… But definitely switch the cycle to lights on at night, and check a VPD chart. You can grow in cold temps just has to have the correct RH for your temps… Obviously faster growth with warmer temps but can be done in the cold… we get feet of snow and I know growers in there open basement where it’d never get above 65.


I say add heater but wait till summer comes. There’s a lot of boston growers around. They might but in.

A heater in the tent makes my wife nervous lol. I saw an article that says I could put an aquarium heater in a bucket of water in the tent . She didn’t seem too freaked out by that idea. She wants me to fill hot water bags lol

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I have the same issue. I have an oil radiator heater in my grow room in the basement about 3 feet away from my tent.

Welcome ! Basement grow is a good option. one thing you can do to help run your lights on at night and off during daylight hours. Also if you can pull your fresh air from a warmer part of the house will help.

Okay going to try to do this.
I have a Vivosun tent 48x96x76.

I run four king led 1000 watt lights both switches are on 18/6 hours.
I am new to growing I haven’t grown in 35 years or so maybe 40 years I used to grow before my military Days outdoors so I’m new to the indoor phase I’m getting better right now my very first batch White widow I got 218 g out of five plants I know not much but I’m dealing with my lighting I can’t afford to do anything different so I have to try to make these King LEDs work for me.

I also have gotten the rust spots little round dots on only one plant my first grow of white widow I had one plant did the same thing I now have one plant of Granddaddy Purple out of nine that’s doing the same thing just one plant it’s growing okay should harvest in a couple 3 weeks don’t know what to do from here.

56 is not a low temp for some strains. To bring out some phenotype colors you have to drop the temp to 55 at night to obtain.
A heater like this inside or outside tent is very safe

I used this in my room which is roughly 6×6 and it worked amazing! Temps got down to 25 and room stayed at 76 all night. I highly suggest this!

Had the same issue with my Michigan basement grow. Stayed 55 degrees year round. I have a Mars ts1000 inside my 4x2x5 tent. Started plants in there from seedling. I put a 2 inch piece of insulation under my tent so it wasn’t sitting in basement floor. I put a clear solo cup on top of the solo cup I was growing to give it the greenhouse affect. Temps got 59 at night to 66 during light inside tent. I did put one of those oil heaters next to tent and on low heat. It got 64-70 degrees. Even with temps at 59 during veg they grew fine. White widow autos

I’ve been having the same issue, I’m on the cape also in our basement.The fish tank heater in water will raise the temp a couple degrees, I did that off and on in the fist few weeks.If you have a insulated grocery bag you can place the plant inside that seems to keep the plant a lil warmer also.Get it up a lil off the cold floor.I used a heat mat for a while which also works great just use a buffer between the mat and plant so it doesn’t get too hot.I’m into the 3rd week now, temps are 60 lights off 70 lights on and seem to be doing great. It’s getting warmer, day by day. Good luck!

Thanks! I have a Pelonis brand of one of these arriving today. We will see how it goes.

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Thanks. I have not seen these. I ordered an oil filled space heater since my tent is in a 500 sq foot basement. If it needs a boost I may pick one of these up since they are so cheap

Yes thats quite a bit of square footage! No problem.

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