Niagara County, NY Dope Plane

6/30/2022, 5:30pm

The Dope Plane just flew over my property.

It is the same white plane that I remember flying low and slow over my property last year. The difference is, this year I knew what I was looking at.

It was only a couple hundred feet off the ground and had a black ‘pipe’ like object suspended maybe 5’-8’ below the fuselage, which I assume is the camera.


@jenniferny you growing fields up there lol? Personal grows probably ain’t worth their gas… be safe


Shows how much you know! They are, I’m sure, looking for large grows, but they will go after every plant that their dope plane sees!

A week or so after I saw the same plane fly over my property last year I had two sheriff deputies at my door that came to cut my plants down and take them away! They told me that planes and helicopters see everything!

One of the deputies that came last year had a clipboard. My name and address were at the bottom on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper that was already full of other names and addresses!!!

@jenniferny wow that’s awful!! I do actually know that cannabis gives off a certain reflection that certain cameras pick up like an infrared image. So they can zero in on small cultivators like yourself. Scary stuff for you.

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@jenniferny Not much longer it will be 100% to grow for any1. Its strange because it has been legal here for over a year and no progress for personal grows. Also strange they are still looking for it since there is permits for grows across ny now which was not a thing last year. Not only that if you have a medical card you can legally grow as well so how would they know who is who…livingston county here btw…


you would think that the way these municipalities and counties are operating in the red they could think of better, more useful means of spending our tax dollars than going after people growing weeds in their gardens, NY is so screwed up, I love this place but it’s screwed up.


Love it too…but h8te the taxes my lord its brutal.