Newbie question on herm

I have GG#4 photo bag seed that is about 3 weeks into it’s 12/12 light cycle.

In the picture below I see what looks to be a pollen sac on the same node with pistils. Is this normal, not sure what I’m looking at since it’s my first attempt at flowering. I also included a wider shot of the plant I’m seeing a whole bunch of pistils which suggests to me this is a female.

Any help would be appreciated.


That does look like a male flower popping out. You can clip it if it’s the only one and keep an eye for more. Be sure it doesn’t open, and wrap it in wet paper towel as soon as it’s cut.


Thanks for the advice @Borderryan22

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Yup, that’s a male flower. Cut off and hope for the best.

@newbgrow that plant is going to keep doing this it has hermaphrodite on you…I am not aware of any trick to stop it from continuing…watch for seed formations that will suck all the good stuff from her when flower comes around


Thanks for the advice @Dexterado @Retiredoldguy

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Cut it off and examine your plant daily if not twice daily

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