Swollen calyx or pollen sac? Need help

1st Grow. Not sure if this is swollen calyx or my female photo is herming. 4 weeks into flowering.

That looks like a male sac. Can you post only one pic so we can use super zoom

Still coming out blurry. But looks like a male sac

This is the one that makes me question the male sac because it looks like pistils coming out of it


Yes, that’s why I’m confused. Some do have, what appears to be, pistils coming out. Others, I don’t think have gotten that far to open up

The reason it looks male is because it doesn’t look like it has the little hairs, not pistils, but hairs on the outside casing of it.


That is a pollen sac without a doubt.

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Looks like a nanner. Pluck it off ASAP.
Is that the only one?

I’ve seen two, on the same stem.

2 there. 1 is open, the other is closed

If you stay on top of these known areas, use a glass vial to cover and clip when they herm and keep the pollen to make feminized seeds

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Thanks for the info

You don’t need to cut off buds/stem, just clip those suckers off.

Of course if they start appearing everywhere it’s probably time to call it quits.

Check your tent for light leaks, glowing leds or any ambient light in the tent.


@Konflict Looks like a hermie to me. Pull it off and dissect it. If it looks like little bananas in there is a pollen sack


Too early to tell what this is? M or F

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