Help! New grower with possible Herm

Hey All….put 3 photo bag seed plants GG#4 into a 12/12 light cycle about a week and a half ago. Today I’m seeing on one plant what I believe are male pollen sacs coming off of one branch from the main stem.

Below are pictures,first of the suspected male branch, then photos of another branch on the same plant that I believe are pistils.

I’ve been defoiliating the fan leaves that block the bud sites since switching to 12/12 light cycle could this have stressed the plant out enough to create a herm?

Any suggestions? Cut that branch off and keep on eye on the others or just cull it? I don’t want to pollinate the two females I have, I’ve already put a garbage bag over it then removed it from the grow tent and moved it far away from the grow room.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yeah, male on one, female on the other. You can try and snip those balls off and monitor for growback. If they continue to grow or sprout elsewhere, you could be chasing your tail.


Thanks for the advice @BobbyDigital. Better to snip off the pollen sacs or wack off the whole branch since they’re are on multiple nodes of the same branch?

Would cutting the whole branch stress it out more? Would cutting fan leaves off stress out the plants and cause them to herm or is it just in the plants DNA since I read GG#4 was created with a herm plant.

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Any good breeders will breed out the herm trait as much as possible. But there will still be occurrences. If they’re showing up on multiple nodes on that branch I’d take the branch off. Worse case scenario is they pop up elsewhere but that was bound to happen anyway. Best case scenario is they stop sprouting sacs.


Appreciate the lesson and the advice thank you

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