Did my plant turning hermie

The 2nd pic is the only spot im seeing that kinda looks like male sacs id be devasted to have to toss it at this point is there any other options i have thanks im also still pretty new at this

Thats on the next stack up i might jus be paranoid

Thems be male flowers.

Thats devastating i have 3 more plants going is there any way to save it

Pinch them balls off! And look at that plant closely from here on out. If that’s the only set of nards on it, you may be ok with just plucking them off before they open. If those show up en masse, you might have to chop early.

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Will do thank you ill pluck em off tonight n i have been very carefully checking it over n thats the only cluster i see

Spray the balls with water before removing them, that way the pollen is inert if it does spill anywhere during removal.

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Will do thanks

I plucked em and moved my light up thinking it might of been overstressing it

The off node looks like it it took over the middle one should be dominant one plus i bumped up the light to 100 around the time those showed up


It was my light being too intense tgat caused the hermie once i adjusted the light hieght n turned it down a tad it stayed all female i jus harvested it 4 days ago


Thank you! Good to know because I have had a similar issue. I ran a propane heater next to my plants, I thought it wasn’t enough light for them to herm, I was wrong. Hopefully I wont see any more sacs… Just two on one of my plants.

Jus pluck em off as they show up thats wat i did n jus kept a super close look at n as long as u pluck em off before they open up n pollinate n good luck

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