Need help ASAP identifying sex on photo

So I had an issue with 5 males took those out trashed them however I’m seeing 1 more that’s a little confusing to me if anyone sees it please let me know is this normal in a female or is it a male

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Both, female that hermied. Looks like one of the sacs already opened as well meaning it let pollen out.


Is there a reason for female turning hermie even tho I have no light leakage 2 batches already my 1st 10 plants purple punch turned hermie and now 6 out of 9 gelato turned hermi @Eagles009 what could possibly be going wrong

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Light leak is normally the culprit with photo period plants but any stressors can lead to it pending genetic vulnerability. But it being so frequent across two cultivars I would be looking at electronic led glow, power strip indicator lights, etc. Maybe a faulty timer?


On my first purple punch I was running 2 600w full spectrum LED didn’t feel as if they were that great so I I’m currently running an hps 1000w on an open 120v/240v ballast in a total different space on the other side of the house @Eagles009

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Whats your environment like temps humidity? I don’t think light intensity would be the culprit either way. I would turn off my grow light. Set everything as it normally is for lights out. Get in the room / tent and make sure it’s pitch black for a start. I get in my tent once a week and check.


Make sure it’s pitch black and double check your timers to make sure they aren’t getting light during their 12 hour dark period. Also, are these bag seeds? Those tend to have a higher chance of being hermies than reputable seed banks


Sounds like a light issue for sure … Its not uncommon for timers to malfuntion mid on or off pefiod and a down or up pin will stop working and click light on or off ehen you wanted opposite… Alot of ppl regularly buy new timers ecspecially mechanical cheapos ive had it happen luckily it was in a lightsbon oeriod and it switched off for 15 mind then on for the rest of the time was normal… Had 4 other lights in the room so unless witnessed it would be hard to notice i have 2400 watts over 4 fixtures but if onenof those came on during the off period… Big problem


Triple check your light timer, power strip led lights, even a soft glow from a space heater in the tent could do it

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