Is my plant turning male on me ? Pls help

Gg4 temps 70 -80 humidity 55 … Ph 6.5 … Mildew under control … Shes second week of flower stage … Indoor grow in 24 by 24 tent … … She has been abused lightin wise amd feedin. .

Looks like a hermaphrodite to me

Yikes. She’s got balls.

My condolences.

Thats the only spot do i just cut it off or is it gana pop up everywhere

Those are nanners. You can pluck them and keep her going if needed. If it’s just one plant I would.

If you have a glass tube or something to contain that in, I would definitely keep it for later use!

Exposure to light during dark periods is usually the main cause of a hermaphroditism in flowering plants.

Yup . Hermie.

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How long were you in Flower about 20 days?

Just about … Is there any way to save her or him or them theys how ever they put it now a days hahahha

Was this bag seed or did you buy the seeds from a seed bank?

Bought a clone at the canna fest in my state mass in april or march i believe got the free super soil all the stuff i need … Got 2 lights one 600 watt led amd another 300 watt bulb

If you were much later in flower I’d say let go and pick as many balls as you can. But I’ve had one hermie recently around day 20 and I couldn’t get them all , once the sacs open you’ll have nothing but small seedy buds. In my opinion it wasn’t worth the time, nutes , and electricity. If it’s all you got then go for it, just sterilize your grow area and equipment extremely well after the grow.

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